Why do I Feel Nauseous After Running?

Feeling nauseous after or during running is an uncommon problem. This issue may occur due to different reasons. According to the well-known nutritionist, Dr. Leila Dehgan fitness hangover can be explained as severe muscular pain, weakness, tiredness, and nausea.

According to research, it is just possible that you are not feeling well or something uncomfortable but not dangerous but rather manageable. Feeling nauseous after running is not that dangerous but it should be controlled by knowing all the possible reasons for its occurring.

1. Low blood Sugar Level

As you know, our body consumes glycogen while we are running or doing other exercises. The body tries to maintain the blood sugar level.

When we are running our muscles require oxygen. Organs like the brain, heart, and lungs require blood flow during workouts blood is not easily reached by less active muscles of our body. During this struggle, the body feels fainted, Tired and lightheaded. And causes the body feels nauseous.

When we are running or entering force on our body, our body releases sweat during exercise and it releases salts in our body too. As a result blood pressure gets down and people feel fainted or dizzy.

2. Dehydration

Drink water after running to minimize Nauseous After Running

It is a very common issue during running, especially in summer.

When you run your body release a good amount of sweat from your body and you feel dizzy due to dehydration. If you have less water intake the very first thing you feel about dehydration is nausea or a vomiting-like feeling.

So keep in mind to stay hydrated if you are planning to run today. According to National Athletic Trainer Whenever you feel thirsty during running you should drink some water to keep you hydrated and be a part of good running practice. During your walk or run also keep some energy drinks or water that you like with you to stay hydrated during exercise.

During longer running plan for about 90 minutes then try to keep some electrolyte drinks with you to restore your lost mineral in the body. Also, drink some water after running too. Does the question arise of how you will know about your hydration level?

And, the answer is very simple if you find your urine color is dark yellow then you are dehydrated. Hydrate yourself till your urine color turned to light lemonade color. Some of the runners don’t have water intake due to longer routes and the unavailability of water. Then try to keep a handheld water bottle with you or try to have a running track where the water is easily accessible.

But also be aware that drinking a lot of water during or before just starting your exercise will also result in nausea or stomach ache.

3. Meal Timing

eat healthy protien

Meal timing also matters a lot for after-run symptoms. If you have your meal half an hour before your workout then it will cause you nausea or you may throw out what you ate. Because when we have our food our stomach stretch and releases acids. Muscles of the stomach also come highly active during the digestion of oxygen during digestion result in nausea.

It’s a good idea to have some kind of light snacks that are easy to digest. If you want to have some fried or junk food before running then have it at least two hours before your workout. Foods that might consider as a light snack include a small amount of peanut butter, some fruit like banana, some nuts, or in short good quality carbohydrates and protein.

Don’t fill your stomach too much before a workout to avoid nausea.

4. Hot Temperature.

According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition When it is extremely hot and humid outside, take steps to stay hydrated. Even if you are trying to stay hydrated while you run, there is still the risk of dehydration, nausea, or heat-related sickness. To help protect yourself from these conditions, try running indoors or reduce your intensity and distance.

5. Consumption of your energy drinks

If you’ve consumed a sports drink or high carbohydrate drinks while running, it will result in nausea sometimes.

It could be an aftershock of food or drink. Because these drinks contain many kinds of minerals that help your body to restore energy. However, some runners find that their stomachs are sensitive to these particular energy bars or drinks. This happened when energy drinks and gel are mixed together.

These things combine Become high content with sugary food or drinks and are difficult to digest linked with nausea.

6. Excess of workout

Everything is good for our health when it is in moderate condition. According to Research When you put a lot of effort to exert yourself then it results in nausea or vomiting. The runner feels tired and exhausted it becomes difficult to control her breath rate.

To avoid such circumstances try to warm up your body first. Start your running slowly. Try to increase your speed and distance gradually.

How to Cure Nauseous After Running?

Now after reading all the possible reasons for nausea let’s discuss some tips to cure this problem.

If the nausea is because of dehydration then sip some water very slowly to get rid of such a situation. If it happens due to heat then go and stay calm in a cool room.

If the pre-run is the culprit then check out the foods and timings to overcome such issues.

Keep a record of your running and after effects to find out exactly the consequences of that workout. If you feel nausea during running don’t exert energy rather stay calm and stop running. Early you overcome this suspected issue the more early you will again start your track. If you stay uncomfortable for longer time periods then you will have to consult your doctor.

Pre-Run Nausea

If you are feeling sick before running then postponed your schedule of running for a better and fresh day. Try to skip running today if you are not comfortable with your health.

Tracking above the neck/below the neck is a famous formula for runners. According to the formula if you are feeling unwell means your symptoms are sore throat or runny nose then you can keep your plan of run continue if you are easy with it.

But in another case, if you have symptoms below the neck like nausea, and gastric pain then stays at home and relax.

Nausea on Race Day

If you feel nervous before the start of your competition, it’s not uncommon. Fear will help you go through such a situation.

To summarize this article, I would like to say that your workout is just for your energy building and fitness don’t make this experience dreadful to you. You may be tired but still efficient to finish the workout.

It is extremely important to have quality rest and replace your lost energy and fluids throughout the time after a workout. A quality workout always results in a happy and fresh mood. Keep in mind that there are a lot of things that trigger our mind to think incompetent don’t let your workout do this with you. see a connection between running and sleep.

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