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Shafey Shoaq Petronela Simiuc M. Hashir Siddiqui Abeer Fatima
Avid Runner + SEO Expert Two-time national champion in the 1,500 meters. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health education DPT, Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation & Sports Nutrition PharmD, Salim Habib University | A Medical and Healthcare Writer

The shoesblast.com is currently run by these 4 powerful writers. Each of them is qualified to write on their topics. We have 2 health and medical writers that take care of the “Running and injuries” section. Whereas, Running athlete Petronella is looking at the “running guide” section. With all her years of experience, she writes from experience that’s why readers enjoy reading it.

When it comes to “running shoe reviews” Avid runner take care of it. Shafey is also responsible for ranking this site well on google so people read the right information.

We try our best to provide the best quality content to our readers. But, still, if we are missing out on something. Never hesitate to contact us. Feel free to email us at: [email protected]

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