Best Shoes To Wear After Knee Replacement

Just had a knee replacement surgery? you are not alone! According to research “It becomes a routine and surgeons in the US only perform nearly 600,000 knee replacement surgery each year”. but taking care of each step gets essential to avoid early failure of the surgery. For now, let’s look at the best shoes to wear after knee replacement.

[Last Updated on 29-March – 2023]

There are many dos and don’ts that you must ask and your doctors should tell you after the procedure. Read for the precautions online to get the most out of it. One thing to understand is to avoid having excessive pressure on the knees.

For example, Running after knee surgery is not okay but walking is good. Low-impact exercises are essential to gain strength in the knees but deep-down squats can break the situation.

The first 6 months after the surgery might be the conscious time where you should be learning a lot of new tricks, dos and don’t about it. but, after it gets usual. you’ll be fine with it and taking care of it like the rest of your body parts.

In a hurry? Look at the top three

Do you need new shoes after knee replacement?

It is good to be more concerned about what your wearing after knee surgery. from wearing loose pants and comfortable shorts to arch-supported shoes. Each will work together in relaxing you to give you a better life until your body accepts the artificial joint (prosthesis).

If your old shoes are in good condition, meaning the outsole is offering good grip, the cushioning condition is in shape then it is absorbing shocks and they are arch supported. you may don’t need new shoes. but, if this part is missing, you might have to invest in a good comfortable walking shoe.

You’ll be required to invest in a shoe that has these three features:

  1. Arch support
  2. Shock absorption cushioning
  3. Good grip

For a complete buying, scroll down to the end, and before the “FAQ,” we have written the complete buying. but, in short, Arch supported shoes are required to create to support your body while standing or walking. It can offer the required support for every step.

Similarly, shock-absorbing cushioning is required for comfort and the ability to diffuse the impact of footfall within the shoes before it reaches the knee joints. and lastly, a good grip to avoid falling down.

8 Best Shoes to wear after knee replacement.

It might be complicated to make a choice on the best one as the choice are infinite. There are several brands and each brand has thousands of options. These so many options will definitely confuse a new buyer to decide which one to go for. so for that, we have already done some research for you.

since last week, we were researching the best shoe to wear after knee replacement and came out with these options. We tried to be easier on the words so individuals can understand easily. also, we have linked the verdict of the shoe owner who utilizes it after the surgery and had great results. With each review, we have given our reason for why it is best to wear after knee replacement surgery.

Let’s look at our recommendations for the best shoes to wear after knee replacements.

1. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy

Best womens shoe for knee replacement

Shoe Specifications

Size True to size
Weight 150g
Best Use Full-day comfort,  traveling and walking.
Features Lightweight and cushioned.
Price $

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The Skechers GOwalk joy might not be the first time you hear them. Try a bit searching for the best walking shoes for women or comfortable walking shoes. and, they must appear there.

The Skechers aim for the right strategy by putting comfort and style at once, making a choice for everyone.

Best for

They are ideal to wear on most occasions. The design hits a good spot between fancy and dull. From office wear to daily wear or as a walking shoe, it is an option to consider.

The beauty lies in their 5GEN midsole. it adds a soft yet responsive ride that offers great underfoot comfort. The model is well-appreciated by the nurse. if your requirement is to walk or stand for up to 12 hours, grab’em.

Why the best to wear after-knee replacement shoes

The thing we like about the shoe is its simplicity. it looks simple but demands features at a very lightweight.

The upper material has tiny holes that keep the shoes as light as possible. also, these holes allow the air to pass throughout the feel.

The midsole offers impact protection cushioning for each step you take. it doesn’t allow you to get bored easily but offers a fun yet protective ride.

At last, but very important. you don’t have to put excessive weight on the knees just to knot them. they are simply like flip-flops. enter footsteps and have the joy of walk.

Above all, the heel drop is minimal. The higher shoes add more pressure on the knees. It lets you land on your midfoot, keeping your knee free from stress.

Size and fit

After surprising the wearers with the comfort and quality GOwalk joy doesn’t disappoint in the fit as well.

The pair is available in 3 widths including standard, narrow, and wide fit. However, Our recommendation will be to go naturally to your size. The midfoot is wide and the toe box has space that won’t be any limitation.

Also, the pair is ready to enjoy from the first wear and doesn’t require time to break in.

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Why We Like it

  • Easy to on and off.
  • Value for money
  • All the recommended orthopedic shoe features.

Why We Don't Like it

  • The type of fabric at top is a bit hard to clean

2. Saucony Switchback 2 trail running shoes

Men’s shoe Women’s shoe
best women shoes after knee replacement
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Shoe specifications

Size True to size
Best for Walk jog and running
Best surfaces road, Cindy trails, and hard surfaces
Drop 4mm
Weight Men 250g | Women 220g
Price $

Our Verdict

Saucony switchback 2 is an update from the prior version where most part is the same but a few changes.

The change in the midsole leads to better comfort and shredded some pounds. and, the reason for its fame BOA lacing system is still in this version but moves a bit.

Best for

The switchback 2 is a minimal trail running shoe that offers a lot of ground feel with a secure fit. The design is neutral and responsiveness from the midsole makes it the choice for most wearers.

From packing up the speed on tracks to as a work shoe or just a daily walking shoe, it is a choice for everyone.

The model might not be the lightest but lighter than a typical trail running shoe. The construction and secure fit from the BOA lacing system allows taking more steps as it gives them the confidence to walk.

furthermore, it can be utilized as your work shoe or even on concrete floors due to the nylon plate (that flexes) and solid durable rubber outsole. it gives a good grip on rough surfaces and is built to last.

Why the best shoe to wear after knee replacement

The model is best to wear after knee surgery due to its BOA fit lacing system. This type of lacing technique will give you the desired fit whenever you want. It’s easy to on and off, just step inside the feet and rotate the lock until you find a sweet spot.

This lacing system is specifically good after knee surgery or if your feet tend to swell. The feet swell even after Knee surgery so it’ll be easy for you to loosen up by rotating it anti-clockwise and you’ll have more space in the shoe.

The 4mm heel drop is ideal leading to less stress on the knees and focusing on a more natural ride. Also, The insole is removable so if you’re a high arch and want to use custom orthotics you can do so.

The hook at the tongue and on the back allows you to open it so you can wear it with ease.

Above all, the solid heel lock secures each step and gives the confidence to walk. It doesn’t allow to make unnecessary movement inside the shoes.

Size and fit

The product is marked as “true to size” but seems for Saucony users only. If you are ordering the first shoe from this brand, our recommendation would go a half size up.

Why We Like it

  • Walking on-air experience.
  • Easy on and off
  • Solid grip and great protection

Why We Don't Like it

  • Lacks breathability

3. ASICS Gel-Contend 7 Running Shoes

Men’s shoe Women’s shoe
women running shoes after knee surgery
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ASICS Gel-contend 7 is a cute-looking running shoe that looks like a casual sneaker but has all the benefits of orthopedic shoes.

The ride of this shoe is natural and ready to take you miles and miles without much pressure on your lower body and achy feet. the best part about the model is all the features don’t affect the price; under 100 running shoes after knee replacement

Best for

ASICS Gel contends 7 offers all the demanding features and the best part is without making price a hype. It’s an optimum and a must-consider option for beginner runners, daily walkers, or one who wants to do a little bit of everything.

It offers great stability from the heel cup that is perfect for neutral and supinating runners. If you want a stable heel that gives a great lockdown and a secure ride, consider this.

The midsole AMPLIFOAM is a foam for everyone, meaning, it offers a medium-soft ride that hits a sweet spot between firmness and responsiveness that works for most runners.

If you wish to go slow for your easy pace days or to pick a pace for uptempo runs, it’ll be a choice for everyone. One reviewer said, “They are a jack of all trades but master of none.”

Best Running shoes to wear After Knee surgery

Can I wear Asics gel contend 7 after knee surgery? Yes! you can. Now, let us tell you why it can be your specific shoe to wear after knee surgery.

Most importantly, these cute puppies come with a great shock absorption power. A silicon-based gel in the heel is present to defuse the shocks that we get from running and walking.

The heel is higher than the forefoot (10mm difference) lets a heel to strike, where the gel is present to dampen the effect of footfall. if you land on heels, look at other best shoes for heel strikers.

The full rubber outsole grips the ground well, minimizing the chances of tripping down. Falling down and tripping is another big concern after knee surgery. and, the gripping power of the gel contend is enough that one can rely on. It can grip flat to a bit unbalanced or slippery surfaces.

The only con you might have to face in them is tightening laces. it can cost additional pressure on the knee while tightening them but if your knees are powerful enough, it should be an option to consider.

Size and fit

The model is true to size according to a variety of testers. and, most of them have no issues. the toe box has enough space to jiggle your toes and the midfoot is wide. Our recommendation would go naturally to your size and you’ll meet the desired fit.

Also, if your feet are wide than natural, go for a wide size. this specific model comes in standard and a wide fit, so choose according to your foot type.

Why We Like it

  • Good breathability.
  • Gel technology in the rearfoot.
  • Cool and comfortable

Why We Don't Like it

  • Outsole rubber squeaky sounds

4. Skechers Mens Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker

best shoes for men after knee replacement

Shoe specification

Size guide True to size
Best for Walking, travel, and whole day comfort
Features Lightweight and breathable
Price $

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The Skechers is a hot brand when it comes to providing quality and durable sneakers. It is one of the fastest-growing footwear brands in the US.

The specific model also receives a bunch of applause from men as it is designed specifically for men’s feet and is only available in men’s sizes. If you don’t want to spend the whole night researching the best walking shoes for sensitive feet, our suggestion will be to give them a chance and you’ll get what you want.

Best for

Skechers is a slip-on sneaker that is extremely easy to wear and comfortable for hours and hours. It can be a choice for anyone who walks. They are a bit head up in terms of comfort, durability, and providing support compared to other slip-on sneakers.

Since it is a choice for everyone, one who has a job of standing most of the time, wants comfortable traveling shoes, or simply needs a pair to walk with ease. It offers everything and the best part is by staying under the 50 limit.

The memory foam cushioning offers a plush footbed that gives calming vibes from the first wear without compromising on security. The cushioning is even comfortable for 300+ lbs man. He said, “feels like walking on about an inch of memory foam and is very comfortable.”

Also, the design hits a sweet spot between fancy and dull and can easily be matched with an office get-up and even with a tracksuit.

Best shoes for men after knee replacement

The model is famous for three reasons. Lightweight, comfortable, and supportive. and these three are demanding features and recommended by podiatrists to wear after knee replacement.

One thing to remind is no brand ever made specific shoes to wear after knee replacement. it’s only that these shoes are well in those categories that one seeks after surgery.

The open design is easy to wear like a flip flops and is made of stretchable material so it’ll adopt the shape of your feet. Comfort from memory foam cushioning is next to none. Internal padding and heel support give the confidence to walk.

Size and fit

The specific model is available in different widths and stays true to size. just order according to the sizing chart and you’ll get the desired fit like most of the wearers.

It doesn’t require any break-in time meaning, it is ready to offer all the benefits right out of the box.

Why We Like it

  • Easy on the feet with good support.
  • Gentle on diabetic foot.
  • Great security and breathability.

Why We Don't Like it

  • May last only 6 months

5. Adidas Cloudfoam Running Shoes

Men’s shoe Women’s shoe
best mens shoes after knee replacement
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Shoe specification

Size True to size
Best for daily uses, walk and run
Closure Slip-on, laces
Feature Lightweight and breathable
Price $

Our Verdict

Adidas is a successful brand whenever shopping for comfortable running shoes. The company was in the industry from the start that it knows the demand of its fans. and, each model has something interesting to love with.

The Cloudfoam running shoes are celebrity-loved shoes and it is one of the most purchased running shoes online. The model is specifically famous in women due to its cute style and women’s specific fit. They are cute, comfortable, and very breathable.

Best for

The Cloudfoam as the name applies offers cloud-feel comfort, like walking on clouds. It is a choice of daily runner, walker, or someone that needs a cute feeling every time they step in the shoes. It feels like you aren’t wearing anything without compromising support.

Besides comfort, the midsole offers a springy and bouncy feel that helps in taking more steps without tiring quickly.

They are ideal daily average person needs. Someone looking for a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes to cope with daily walking/jog and run. The running doesn’t mean full marathon races but to keep them for 5ks and max 10k.

Also, if you want a single pair that helps with weightlifting, cardio workout, and similar basic needs, you are spending on the right product. A few users mention that they utilize it on badminton courts and it offers a great grip on the court.

Why it is best to wear after knee replacement surgery

A pair of running shoes has the most recommended features that podiatrists consult to look for in the shoes. But, due to heavy cushioning in them, it spikes their weight and will be additional stress on the lower body.

The Cloudfoam uses the right methodology by offering everything of running shoes but keeping cushioning natural so their weight could be less. This technique receives love from worldwide and makes it FAV for versatile users. They are naturally cushioned and offer comfort and support yet are affordable.

The Knit mesh upper (with tiny holes) keeps the feet cool by maintaining a good ventilation system. and, minimizes the weight of the shoes.

They are easy to wear and the horns at the back and above the tongue make them easy to wear. Also, they are slip-on. The laces are functional in the sense that they can make the shoe tighter if your foot is very narrow but it’s really not needed.

Size and fit.

Our survey says that the model stays true to size in most cases. Our suggestion will be order according to your natural size and you’ll get the desired fit

Why We Like it

  • Great value for money.
  • Very stylish and comfortable.
  • Lightweight and flexible

Why We Don't Like it

  • For basic uses only

6. Brooks Ghost 13 Running shoes

Men’s shoe Women’s shoe
Brooks women Ghost 13 - open toe box shoes
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Shoe specification

Size True to size
Best for slow-paced easy running, whole-day comfort
Features Most cushioned and stable
Weight Men 286g | Women 250g
Price $$

Our verdict

Brooks Ghost 13 is a highly comfortable shoe and its comfort is the reason for its fame. It might be the highest purchased neutral running shoes in both men’s and women’s categories.

Comfortable cushioning, secure lockdown, and durability are the mainstream of this model.

Best For

The 13 version adopts the same concept as the previous ghost series but with a few changes. In this version, it comes with full DNA loft throughout the midsole, and previously it was mostly in the heel and most part is all the same.

This change results in a more smooth and soft ride that makes them versatile running shoes. Ideally, it is for runners who wish to run at slow to med pace for longer distances. They are famous for covering full marathons.

Since it provides a great level of protection and stays comfortable for hours and hours, they are more famous as nurses for someone who stands long enough. If you have a job that requires you to stand for 8 to 12 hours, utilize them and you’ll come up with that money spent at the right place.

It offers a combination of DNA Loft and a BioMoGo DNA foam. It hits a sweet spot between softness and responsiveness and offers long-lasting cushioning.

Best after knee surgery

If you have a budget of over 100 for a shoe, our strong recommendation would be to spend on it and you’ll get a couch to feel comfortable shoe. The uppers wrap the entire foot like a blanket in winter.

The heel, tongue, and collar are separately padded that wrap the foot entirely and hug feet from everywhere. Apart from comfort, stability is essential when purchasing shoes after any surgery. Also, it is categorized as a shoe for neutral feet but offers great stability from its heel cup.

The heel counter adopts the structure of your foot and keeps the feet locked in one place without feeling restricted. after finding the sweet spot in lacing, it minimizes the chances of slippage and falling down.

The midfoot is wide enough and is considered a wide-toe box running shoe. A wide midfoot area is helpful after knee surgery because the foot tends to swell when we start daily life after the surgery. so a bit wide midfoot is helpful in creating space if the foot swells a bit.

Size and fit

The best part about brooks is that it gives so many sizing options that one will definitely get the right size. Our suggestion will go naturally to your size and you’ll like the desired fit like most runners.

The specific model is available in 3 widths including narrow, natural, and wide sizes. These options are available so you can make a choice according to your feet type.

Why We Like it

  • Softer underfoot feel.
  • A firmer heel adds stability.
  • Wider toe box

Why We Don't Like it

  • missed guested tongue for a better fit.

7. ASICS Gel Venture 7 Trail Running

Men’s shoe Women’s shoe
best shoes to wear after knee replacement
Check Price Check Price

Shoe specifications

Size True to size, but a snug fit
Best for trail and hiking
Weight Men 300g / Women 251g
Heel-to-toe difference 10mm
Price $

Our Verdict

ASICS Gel-Venture 7 is solid and made of bomb-proof material that is in demand whenever traction and durability are in demand. It cost like a casual sneaker but offers the feature of trail running shoes.

It is one of the most purchased running shoes online from Asics so far. and, the reason for its fame is well-constructed material, its ability to absorb shocks, and affordability.

Best for

They are ideal for beginners seeking off-road shoe activities such as hiking and trail running. The “V-shaped” durable outsole grips gravel paths, Cindy trails, forests, and technical dirt tracks.

If you are looking for average hiking or trail running shoe, you may get anything better in this price frame.

They are moderately cushioned and the cushioning is more on the responsive side rather than plush. meaning, it returns energy whenever your foot meets the ground and it’ll not be dead under your foot.

After comfort, traction is an essential feature for any trail shoe and it offers a medium-level grip for most unbalanced tracks. if we judge them price-wise, we are getting more than we pay for. One reviewer said that: “it has all the premium features, so if you want to taste a premium shoe and don’t have a budget, The gel-venture is a good demo for it.”

Best shoes to wear after knee replacement

Asics gel venture 7 is recommended to wear after knee replacement due to its many features. Mostly, its shock-absorbing features and the ability to grip the ground.

Since they are trail and hiking shoes, meaning, it is meant to grip harsh surfaces. One might be more concerned about falling down and slipping after TKR so this much trapping power can eliminate the risk of tripping out.

The cushioning has it on a responsive side, so you’ll be getting a lot of shock absorption. Also, a patch of the gel has also been inserted at the back of the shoe. The heel is a bit higher than the forefoot, meaning the heel is the first thing making an impact with the ground, and the gel patch is ready to absorb shocks.

Above all, it comes with a removable ORTHOLITE sockliner that contributes to comfort and energy returns.

Size and fit

The toe box seemed narrow just like other trail running shoes. Most wearers agree on the fact that it offers a snug fit. Our suggestion will be to go natural to your size but offer a wide fit. It is recommended to have more space in the shoes after Knee replacement surgery and a tight shoe can contribute to pain.

Why We Like it

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Great shock absorbers
  • Responsive cushioning.

Why We Don't Like it

  • Not a good ventilation system.

8. Brooks Addiction Walking Shoes

Men’s shoe Women’s shoe
Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes
Check Price Check Price

Shoe Specification

Support  Max Support
Best surface Can grip any surface including slippery surfaces.
Weight 14.5oz
Arch Medium, High
Experience Type Cushion

Brooks men Addiction Walking shoe is a beautiful thing to have. The manufacturers have designed these shoes, especially for people who suffer from chronic pain. Also, these shoes will comfort and fix the feet in place to avoid any injuries or strain in the future.

The designers have added MC pod technology in the outer sole by creating a high heel. This high heel is comfortable with no aching at all. Also, you can walk just like you do in a flat slipper because the outer sole weighs less.

So, this will not tire your feet and, you can cover long distances. Also, the material is entirely eco-friendly. And the rubber of the outsole is reliable with no worn-out problems. This high-heel outsole is bumpy rubber to grip the road and make your feet’ movements easier. You can easily curve or bend your feet and there will be no cracks on the outer sole at all. This feature makes this shoe one of the best shoes to wear after knee replacement.

Now coming towards the midsole, it is completely spread in the shoe from heel to toe. Also, there is a specific cushion on the heel side to give more protection from jumps. But, it is not that this cushion is only on the heel side.

The innersole is completely cushioned and it provides friction-free wear. And, this dynamic sole has a BIOMOGO feature that is a completely medicated support for feet. The manufacturers have taken the feet protection in responsibility and this medicated sole is proof of that.

The best thing about this shoe is the V-strap. It makes the shoe-wearing experience more easy and quick. You don’t have to bend a lot to knot the laces and waste time. The double V-straps fix the shoes in place without tightening them. Also, the chances of feet strain or sudden bends are zero with these straps. Along with them, there is a collar. This collar has a cotton inside and this stuff is comfortable to wear. Also, this collar helps to save the ankle from irritation and rashes when you run.

Why We Like it

  • Promotes natural walking gait.
  • Slip and water-resistant
  • Can last for years

Why We Don't Like it

  • Heavyweight shoes

What to look at when purchasing new shoes after knee replacement? (BUYING GUIDE)

1. Arch Support

Arch support is the support underneath the arch of your foot. As the name suggests, it supports the arch of your foot. It is essential in sport’s shoes, as you need to get the right support to avoid injuries and other health problems.

Arch support shoes are important after knee surgery for multiple reasons. These shoes can help support your knee, and from putting excessive pressure on your knee. One should be looking for arch-supported shoes if you have had issues with your knees or ankles.

2. Shock absorption cushioning

Shock absorption is the process by which the body absorbs impact from the ground with each step. The softer the surface, the less you’ll feel the impact. and harder surfaces like concrete floors don’t absorb many shocks.

Investing in a quality shock absorption shoe can dampen the impact of each strike, leading to the least shock with each move.

3. Switch to lightweight shoes

lightweight shoes are great for people after knee replacements. also, the right size is essential. One should try to have shoes that are one size bigger than the original shoes you have. This will help your feet feel more comfortable and will prevent back and knee pain, which you may feel with lightweight shoes.

Read this article to know more about the average weight of the shoes.

Benefits of wearing lightweight shoes after knee replacement surgery are

  1. Improves balance
  2.  Movement of the foot is not impeded
  3. 3. Reduces knee, hip, and back pain
  4. Allows for greater longevity of knee replacement

4. Better Grip

Better Grip shoes are a must after knee replacement surgery. There are a few reasons why. For example, if you want to recover faster the first thing to do is to strengthen the muscles in your leg and foot.

Achieving good balance and stability during the recovery process will be easier. The other benefit is to have the ability to walk and move around easily with confidence. The way you walk is important. It does not have to be fast. Take it slow for now, use a stick or the assistance of a physical therapist. You will be on your way to being pain-free and enjoying a normal life again.


Q.1 What should I avoid after knee replacement?

The most important thing to avoid after knee replacement is too much activity. You’ve just had major surgery and it’s painful, even with all the painkillers. Exercise is important for everyone but it’s even more critical for someone who has just had a knee replacement.

You need to take it easy for the next six weeks. No exercise and no lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk. After six weeks you will be allowed to put a little weight on your knee and begin some exercises. But don’t try to do too much too soon. If you do it will only prolong your recovery time and increase the chance of getting an infection.

Q.2 Can You Wear Heels After Knee Replacement?

It’s beneficial to avoid heels after knee replacement for at least 2-4 months. It is because you have to
give complete rest to your knee. After that, you’ll be able to wear heels without facing
any difficulty.

Passing the recovery time with patience will give better results and even fasten the recovery process. Taking a risk at
this stage may cause severe damage and long disability. Your doctor will advise the best for how much time it’ll require for the complete recovery.

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