How to Make Running Easier

Running or spending time in exercise is hard and requires constant motivation. Jogging, walking, or running on a regular basis makes you fit and healthy, and reduces the chances of illness, heart problems, and make you sleep better.

When you come to the ground it is difficult to take every step forward. Even experienced runners also follow some of the following tips to make running easier.

These tips and techniques will keep you motivated and they will help you to reap overall health benefits.

15 Tips to Make Running Easier

tips to make running easier

1. Be Accelerating

You have heard about slowly and steadily winning the race. When you start session keep this phrase in mind. Don’t put all of your energy on your first day rather arise slowly. Don’t be too fast as it will cause injury to your body.

Start progressing day by day while listing to your body and breath properly.

2. Warm up your body

Warm-up session plays a crucial role in exercise. Do jog or squats to send a message to your brain that I’m going to run. Squats will stretch the muscles and prepare the joints to run. This session must be done at your ease level. Spend 5 to 10 minutes on this session.

According to a well-known trainer Risqat Fabunmi Alade “the good thing is to prepare your body before exercising.”

3. Take a break

Beginners should take small breaks while they feel their heart rate rising quickly and breathing become difficult to try to walk slowly.

So you can regulate your heart rate and breathing. Slowly you will feel that you are performing better in running but this will take some time.

So be patient. Keep water with you and when you feel down drink a small sip of water to get your body hydrated. Never drink plenty of water at one time it will cause stomach pain.

4. Comfortable Outside Temperature

External temperature plays an important role in easy sessions.

It is a great tip to make running easier. It may vary from region and temperature outside. During summer try to walk early in the morning before the sun rises so you can finish your running before the hot times of the day.

If you run at hot times of day then try to hydrate yourself well so it will be good for you. Try to walk indoors on treadmills during hot, scorching weather.

5. Choose a Smooth Route

When you are planning your session try to choose a smooth and soft route so you will not get any injury.

The smooth route will improve your running and you will not get your knees and ankle injuries or pain. The path is muddier and Rocky makes the running more difficult.

6 Buy the best trainers

According to ASICS, most the people wear wrong shoes during workouts resulting in injuries, joint pains, and much more.

So for the best result in exercise always buy the best shoes that will be comfortable for you to achieve all the benefits. Bad trainers will cause damage to your back in later life. So always invest in good pair of shoes for this purpose.

but mak sure to keep check weight of your running shoes.

7. Keep your Playlist with you

We do not recommend listening to music because it’s haram in Islam.

Music always releases your stress and fatigue. According to research at the University of Edinburgh runners with good Playlists perform better as compared to the task-perform runner.

While you are planning to run then keep your favorite Playlist with you. According to a female trainer Emma obayuvana she says that I keep The Playlist have a bpm higher than 180 so it keeps her motivated to run at pace.

Running without carrying something interesting of your interest leaves good results on you. Whether running alone without an interesting Playlist left you bored and tired. see how to start running after 50

8۔ Running with a friend

If you are running without Playlist then plan to run with a partner. According to Hollie Richardson, she feels fresh and more energetic while running with a companion.

A good friend helps you to keep moving. It helps you to push more while walking alone.

9. Record your running

Every day you run keep a record of your running so it will keep you motivated and also push you forward toward more running. but, dont run too much.

When you are getting down or demotivated you will check your track and your body will fill with new energy.

10. Run in a peaceful place

As we all know running help with depression but to make running easier, run at a peacefull place. Either it must a soothing park or airy area.

Because if you choose a fast-moving roadside it will cause you fatigue because of slowing down your speed in different intervals. Always choose a slow and peaceful area like a park or a countryside area that will freshen you up.

11. Go slow

Comparing yourself is not a good practice.Go slow if you’ve started running again.

Always run according to your pace. Never chase anyone. Always prefer your health and strength while exercising.

12. Have a good diet

Always follow a good diet plan during running. A diet full of fiber, protein, And iron is required in appropriate quantity to gain the ultimate advantage of it.

Taking good multivitamin tablets is good practice. While you are engaged in any kind of exercise good multivitamin is necessary.

The activity cause fatigue and pain in your body and multivitamin helps to recover from the consequences of running from your body. Always take one tablet in the morning during breakfast.

13. Plan your workout

Running is a tiresome task if you plan it in the evening after coming back home from your work.

Always prefer running when you are completely free or energized. Running in early in the morning is also good practice because you just get up from sleep.

It will boost your energy. And the result will be outstanding. According to a women trainer Taashi Kevin Clarke, a person should plan their running when they are Completely rested.

It is always enjoyable when you do it in a rested and happy mood. Don’t take it as a responsibility or a hard task for you.

14. Always stay concordant

It is a key and basic tip to Always stay concordant in your plan.

Running two or three days and then leaving it is not an appreciable practice. Two or three days of continuity and then leaving again to start this practice result in impossible or difficult work.

With continuous effort, you will feel strong with the passage of time. But irregularity causes a negative impact. To keep yourself motivated you can plan a race with your friends or keep a log record of your running.

15. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your run. Also, see what to avoid after running.


Let’s summarize our discussion by counting the ways to make your running easier. First of all, take good care of your health by keeping yourself well hydrated, taking a good and healthy diet, make a habit of taking food supplements.

Keep moving slowly and never feel down. Strengthen your body with continuous movement. If you can’t run in the first step don’t run just do light walk, then jog or then strengthen your muscles through different exercises like lunges, squats, planks and much more. These type of exercises will keep your joints strong help you to run and when you start running then keep an eye of above discussed ways to make it easier, enjoyable and fun for you.

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