How Much Do Running Shoes Weigh?

There is no one-word answer for how much running shoes weigh. One needs to be clear about running goals before looking for weight in the shoe.

Do a bit of brainstorming session with yourself about why you are running. Are there any goals? Or do you just run for fun? Looking for maximum comfort or need to increase the pace?

In simple terms, lightweight shoes are meant for quick speed but do not provide maximum comfort, whereas heavy shoes provide maximum comfort but do not mean sprints.

How Much Do Running Shoes Weigh?

An average running shoe weighs around 230 to 280 grams in men’s versions and is lighter for women.

Generally, the shoe’s weight doesn’t necessarily matter a lot if you are running casually, but if you are one of those who run 1000 to 2000 miles a year, then consider weight as an essential factor.

Lightweight Shoes (Under 230 grams)

If your goal is to run 5k to 10k, Improve sprints, and participate in racing, then look for lightweight running shoes. They may not provide maximum comfort, and are less in cushioning but ready to meet your running needs. look at if lightweight running shoes make you faster

A lightweight running shoe will be around 230 grams for men and under 215 grams for women.

Average Weight Shoes (Under 280 grams)

If your goal is casual running, losing weight, stress management, or run for fun, then the weight of your shoes doesn’t necessarily matter here; you can have an average-weight running shoe, which is you can say under 280 grams.

Most of the shoes automatically fall into this category; One has to research more if their goal is to find lightweight or heavyweight shoes.

Heavyweight Shoes. (Above 280 grams)

Heavyweight shoes are heavy because of the amount of cushioning in them. It has shock-absorbing features and makes them a technology running shoe, which heavyweight runners mostly like.

If your goal is injury protection, or you are a heavyweight runner running with back or joint pain and need more comfort for your legs, then strive for heavyweight shoes.

They absorb shocks better than lightweight shoes that you get from repetitive foot strikes on hard pavement.

Heavyweight shoes mean above 280 grams for men and 250 grams for women shoes.


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In the end, how much your running weighs is all depend on your goals. You need to ask yourself why you are running.

Heavier is often great if you are prone to injuries and need more cushioning for all of those miles, striving for the lighter shoe for faster runs to keep each step as light as possible.

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