Why Do My Feet Go Numb When Running

As a runner, we are bound to have pain in our feet over a period of time, as our feet absorb quite some pressure during our runs. Joint pains and sourness of our feet are natural, and there’s no way you can escape it no matter which pair of shoes you wear.

But there’s one more sensation that some of us experience during our run that’s numbness. And, it feels weird that we feel as if our feet have fallen asleep. If you are someone that’s experiencing it and you are curious about why my feet go numb when running then there’s good news. By the end of this article, your curiosity will be resolved.

feet go numb when running


We all have experienced numbness in our arms when sleeping on one arm for a long duration. It is because we are in a position that’s causing restriction of blood flow. Similarly, when we cross our legs we feel the same numbness.

We don’t feel our limbs during numbness, it gives us a feeling as if they fell asleep. As the blood circulation improves in that numb area we also feel that tingling sensation as if there are several pins or needles being penetrated.

Foot Numbness

During a run, a runner might face numbness in either or both toes or the top of the foot or side of the foot. Foot numbness during a run can cause injuries to the runner. As we feel numbness we usually don’t feel that part of the foot, and as we lose that sense, it’s highly likely that we might exert added pressure on our feet. That added pressure can be lethal and can cause injuries.

The question is why are we facing numbness while running? and how to stop that uncomfortable sensation.

As mentioned above, numbness is caused by poor blood circulation either by compression of the nerves in the feet or compromised in some other way.

As a runner, the chances of getting your feet numb could be because of the following reason.


The way you run is a possible cause of numbness in your feet. If you are someone who strikes their heel first instead of the midfoot or forefoot, then you’re not only bound to have numbness but you’re also opening the door for other injuries like shin splints and Tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Shortening the stride and keeping the center of gravity under the body can minimize the risk of feet getting numb from the sole.

Flat feet

Flat feet suffer from foot numbness as a large portion of the foot comes in contact with the ground. This causes compression of nerves and blood vessels in the arch and sole area.

Using Orthotics can reduce the compression of nerves and blood vessels.

Tight Shoelaces.

Some runners prefer that tight shoelace grip. But, that grip is one of the reasons that our feet go numb while running.

Just to have that feeling that our feet are secured and that our shoes won’t come off we over tighten our laces which can interfere with our blood flow. While running makes sure not to over-tighten your shoelaces.

Tight running shoes

While we are running our feet expand due to soreness and despite buying the perfect fit pair of shoes it still gets tighter. The toe box shouldn’t be that tight and should have some room for sore feet.

See a guide on how should your running shoes fit.

A tightly fit shoe can cause compression around the forefoot area. When buying a running shoe, make sure you consult professionals at the stores for a better fit. Buying half a size bigger than your size can also be a solution to reduce the numbness. Wearing shoes that are too tight can cause Morton’s neuroma, which is one of the reasons that causes numbness.

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