Best Running Shoes With Wide Toe Box

Look at the best running shoes with a wide toe box.

Whether you are born with wide feet or it is due to foot deformities. Each way, It isn’t easy to find the proper fitting shoe.

Foot deformations such as bunions, calluses, hammertoes broadened your feet and can be problematic when getting shoe.

Other than that, people with forefoot pain like Morton’s neuroma or Metatarsal pain look for open toe box shoes as they want to relax their toes.

best running shoes with wide toe box

8 Best Running Shoes with a wide toe box

Wearing the proper footwear can minimizing the trouble that runners with wide feet get. According to the study, 60 to 70% of people don’t wear the right size footwear.

However, It isn’t easy to find the best running shoe as the choices are unlimited, so we have done it for you.

After a week of research, we found eight shoes with an open-toe box and that performes well. We have made a list of these shoes after a verdict from the shoe owner who has wide feet and feels pleased.

A runner reviewed these after running 50 miles in them, and we describe them in our words.

Some of the shoes may take a few runs for the break-in period, so deciding to return might be quick action. But, if you feel uncomfortable even after a few runs, you can return them and discuss them with your podiatrist. Let’s have a look at the best running with a wide toe box.

1. New Balance 1080v10 – Best for Long Runs

Men’s shoe Women’s shoe
New-Balance-Fresh-Foam-1080v10 - running shoes with wide toe box new balanace 1080v10 - open toe box shoes
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Shoe Specification

Size True to size | Available in 4 width
Drop 8mm
Weight Men 269g | Women 238g
Price $$

Key Features

  1. Upper: An engineered mesh upper adds comfort and keeps the foot look without making restricted
  2. Midsole: Fresh Foam X offers a smooth ride and, also help to fix mild pronation
  3. Outsole: The blown rubber outsole makes the landing softer, makes the ride firmer.

New Balance 1080v10 Review

One must not doubt us for putting the New Balance 1080v10 on the top list for wide-toe box running shoes. New Balance is a brand that is known for wide feet running shoes.

Other than that wide toe box, It is available in 4 widths, including wide and X-wide.

Best Utilization

New Balance Fresh foam 1080 is an eye-catchy model that can utilize by a wide range of runners. A neutral design and responsive cushioning make it a versatile model for most runners.

However, The feature it offers makes it complete for long-distance running, cross-training, and full-day comfort.

From casual runners to marathon racers, anyone can take benefit from it.

Other than running, NB 1080v10 can utilize for full-day comfort. Doctors and nurses have mentioned that these shoes make their 8 – 12 hours shift end without aching legs.

Wide Toe Box for Morton’s neuroma

The shoe is recommended for people with Morton’s neuroma or other forefoot pain. A roomy toe box that is slightly elevated from the ground takes some weight off the forefoot.

A toe box that is already wide but made of material that can stretch even more if needed. The upper is prepared to be stretched until you find a secure fit.

Besides that, it has specific models for people with wide and X-wide fit. It comes in 4 widths, including standard, narrow, wide, and X-wide fit.

Size and fit

The new balance 1080v10 is ready to adopt the shape of your feet and ready to move with you. It went true to size. Ordering true to your size has chances that you’ll get a 1:1 fit with a wide toe box.

Why we like it
  • Upper hugs the foot beautifully

  • Ortholite insole

  • The toe box is stretchable for wide foot

Why we don't like it
  • Large stack hieght

2. Brooks Ghost 13 – Best for Daily Runs.

Men’s shoe Women’s shoe
Brooks ghost 13 - wide feet running shoes Brooks women Ghost 13 - open toe box shoes
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Shoe Specification

Size True to size
Drop 12mm
Weight Men 286g | Women 250g
Best utilization Slow and easy paced running
Price $$

Key Features

  1. Upper: It has a breathable upper that is capable to stretch more if you have a wide foot and feels luxurious.
  2. Midsole: The EVA blend foam makes the shoe responsive and adds comfort.
  3. Outsole: The carbon rubber outsole adds life to the shoe and grips all the surfaces.

Brooks Ghost 13 is a neutral running shoe that is ready to provide the needed amount of support and comfort.

If comfortable and stability are your top concerns, brooks ghost 13 is for you! They are well padded, which feels like a couch on your feet.

Best for

Brooks Ghost 13 is a luxury car and not a sports one. Meaning, for a slow and easy paced comfortable ride. And not for speedy runs.

The ideal utilization would be running half to full marathons, recovery, tempo runs, or similar.
Other than that, it won’t disappoint you if you want shoes for a whole day’s comfort.

If you spend most of the day on your foot, Ghost 13 is an option to consider. Reviewers have mentioned that they had no pain after 12,000 steps a day in them.

Roomier toe box for foot pain

Brook ghost 13 has been appreciated by a vast majority of runners running with foot pain.

They have offered great arch support, toe-wiggle room, no pressure on that back tendon, keeps the ankle secure, and the right amount of support (neither squishy nor stiff), which relieves foot pain.

Many reviewers mentioned that they feel a magic relief when running with bunions, plantar facilities, or Morton’s neuroma.

The toe box is elevated from the ground, taking pressure off from the fingers and metatarsal area.
Absorbs all the shocks

Absorbs all the shocks

Brooks Ghost 13 offers a combination of BioMoGo and a DNA midsole. It provides a firmer and steady stepping experience for your feet.

The primary function of BioMoGo is to keep the wearer’s feet free from shocks and offers a smooth walking experience.

The DNA is a particular type of fluid that compresses according to the wearer’s foot. So, if you are a heavyweight person, it compresses more compared to a less-weight person. Its firmness or softness depends on your foot.

If you plan to run on hard surfaces, take brooks Ghost 13 with you.

Size and fit

They fit according to your size with a wide-toe box. It is available in 4 widths, including wide and X-wide.

Why we like it
  • Forefoot cushoning

  • Solid support

  • Toe box for wide feet

Why we don't like it
  • Heavy weight

3. New Balance Roav V1 – Cute Running Shoes

Men’s Shoe Women’s Shoe
New balance fresh foam roav v1 - cute running shoes New-Balance-Womens-Fresh-Foam-Roav-V1
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Shoe specification

Size True to size | Available in wide fit
Drop 8mm
Weight Men 280g | Women 220g
Best utilization Basic running and cross-training
Price $

Key Features

  1. Upper: The breathable mesh made the upper feels light and breathe well
  2. Midsole: The fresh foam midsole gives cushiness to the shoes and offers a plush ride.
  3. Outsole: The outsole rubber with groves grips the surface well and idea for basic runs.

New Balance Roav v1 Review

New Balance Roav v1 is a cute running shoe that offers a comfortable run without shaking your pockets; under 100 running shoes with a wide toe box.

It looks like a stylish sneaker but acts as a smooth, balanced, and comfortable running shoe.

Best Utilization

New Balance FFV1 is a jack of all masters of none running shoes. This means it is good for everything but great for nothing.
It’s an all-rounder shoe that one can utilize for various needs.

They are ideal for basic to moderate runs, whole day comfort—shoes for HITT, and cross-training.
Besides that, the cushioning makes this model comfortable for spending most of the time on the legs.

If your job requires you to stand 8 to 12 hours or 10,000+ steps a day. It’s a model you can trust.

The outsole is ready to grip most flat surfaces. And may lose its build quality if continuously used on an unbalanced trail. They are ideal for utilizing on treadmills, running tracks, and roads.

However, these budget models are not waterproof, so avoid them in the rainy season.

Roomy toe box

These budget-friendly running shoes have open space in the toe box and do not create toe jamming conditions.

Impact Protection

The midsole has utilized Fresh Foam cushioning. It feels firm (not peppy) and offers a secure and comfortable ride for daily running.

They are exceptionally cushioning towards highly impacted areas to absorb shocks from all over the shoes.
The heel is exceptionally cushioning, which contributes to softer landings.

Size and fit

If you order your original size, you’ll experience a custom fit after a short break-in period with enough space in the toe box.

Also, it is available in 2 widths with standard and wide feet.

Why we like it
  • Great value for money

  • Sneakers + sports shoes

  • Great heel support

Why we don't like it
  • Not suitable for wet surfaces

4. Brooks Glycerin 19 – Best for Multipurpose

Men’s Shoe Women’s Shoe
Brooks glycering 19 - wide running shoes
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Shoe Specification

Size order a 1/2 size up
Drop 10mm
Weight Men: 288g | Women: 254g
Best for Multipurpose
Price $$

Key Features

  1. Upper: The plush upper is super comfortable compared to high-end running shoes.
  2. Midsole: It offers a standard BioMoGo DNA midsole that compresses according to the wearer’s foot.
  3. Outsole: The blown rubber makes the soft lading smoother and increases the ground feel.

Brooks glycerin 19 Review

Brooks glycerin 19 is a medium soft (not pulpy) running shoe that presents a wonderful gift to neutral runners.

If you don’t want to spend time on what you should wear for what run. Brooks glycerin 19 is a solution.

Best for

Brooks glycerin 19 has done the right thing by inventing a single model for every type of run.

From starting your running journey to full marathon shoes, they can fit in every category.

Anyone looking for a comfortable, plush upper and a durable shoe that stays stable can utilize this model. The ride feels balance, neither super soft nor very firm. But a balance between stability and comfort.

Besides running, they are comfortable for managing your 8 to 12 hours standing job without leg and knee pain. If you spend most of the time on your legs, Broos glycerin 19 is worth the investment.

Open Toe Box Running Shoes

The shoe has a lot of padding and a premium level of cushioning that pleases the foot from the first run. The toe box is wide and made of stretchable material to stretch more if needed.

The plush upper act like a blanket over the foot and secure the foot, without feeling restricted. Also, available in wide sizes separately for wide footers.

Ride Experience

Brooks Glycerin 19 offers a padded midsole running experience. It provides a smooth ride for short to long-distance running.

However, It seems like brooks misguided the audience by advertising it as “your softest ride ever.” It is never a soft running shoe, but a max cushioned and firm one.

It has a denser DNA loft foam in the midsole that offers a stable ride instead of soft and bouncy.

Size and fit.

Most of the fans were disappointed by ordering an original size. It feels snug even after a break-in period.

It is recommended to get 1/2 size up to get a comfortable fit. And, is available in 3 widths, including standard, wide and narrow feet.

Why we like it
  • Cushoned with stability

  • Comfort and durability

  • Sneakers and sports shoes

Why we don't like it
  • A bit overpriced

5. Asics GEL-Nimbus 22 – Best Comfort + Stable

Men’s Shoe Women’s Shoe
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Shoe specification

Size True to size
Drop Men: 10mm | Women: 13mm
Weight Men: 309g | Women: 255g
Best for slow pace running
Price $$

Key Features

  1. Uppers: The double-layer upper is very soft and lightweight, also breath well.
  2. Midsole: The flyte foam midsole with gel cushioning adds responsiveness and flexibility
  3. Outsole: The outsole has utilized AHAR rubber with grooves grip surface well and adds life to the shoe.

Asics GEL-Nimbus 22 Review

Asics GEL nimbus 22 is definite an updated version of previous models. With previous models, Asics has received criticism for stiff shoes and a boring running experience.

With this model, Asics has revised most of the things and going in the right direction.

Best for

Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is a max cushioned and stable running shoe we have reviewed so far. It offers a significant level of stability with a cloud feel of comfort.

Nimbus 22 can be your one shoe for multiple needs. If you want to do running, cross-training, or similar requirements. This model is ready to do it with all by heart.

The point is that it is meant to cover more miles rather than speedy shoes for sprints.

The bottom of this shoe is reliable to grip flat to even unstable surfaces. It’ll perform ideal on roads, treadmills and asphalt, and similar pavements.

It can even grip a slight trail to rocky surfaces but may lose build quality.

Not meant for

Since a high level of padding and cushioning affects the shoe’s weight, It’s not meant for fast-paced running.

In this case, look for lightweight running shoes that’ll help you with speed. (look for if lightweight running shoes make you faster)

Wide toe box running shoes suitable for foot pain

They are well cushioned and padded from the inside, which gives a soothing feel to the foot. The midsole is thicker (not like walking on a pillow), which is soothing for foot pain.

Other than that, It has a wide toe box and can stretch even more for proper fitting.

The feature it offers, like 10mm heel-to-toe drop, decent arch support, stable and well-cushioned, open toes, indicates a model to trust when running with foot pain.

Great shock absorbers

The mainstream of Asics gel nimbus 22 is its shock-absorbing feature.

Asics have utilized gel cushioning in the heel. The term “GEL” represented in the ASICS GEL-Nimbus is a shock-absorbing gel in the outsole. It absorbs the shocks and delivers energy return reliably.

Besides gel cushioning, the midsole offers flyte foam cushioning. These two elements combine to provide superior cushioning and much better protection for your feet.

Size and fit.

It went true to size. Ordering your standard will give you the right fit. It takes time to break in but gives a snug fit (not too tight)

If you like to have space in the shoes, order a half size up. And, is available in 2 widths, regular and X-wide.

Why we like it
  • Bouce back feature is remarkable

  • Decent arch support

  • Great foot support

Why we don't like it
  • Not for rainy seasons

6. Asics Gel contend 7 – Best for Supinators

Men’s Shoe Women’s shoe
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Shoe specification

Size True to size
Drop 10mm
Weight Men 269g | Women 224g
Best Use Daily running and cross-training
Price $

Key Features

  1. Upper: An engineered mesh upper offers good ventilation and doesn’t allow the foot to move.
  2. Midsole: The AMPLIFOAM midsole offers comfort for basic runs
  3. Outsole: The outsole offered a particular type of rubber that grips most of the surfaces.

ASICS Gel contend 7 Review

Asics gel Contend 7 offers premium-level features at a fantastic price. The shoe offers a suitable level of cushioning and support without disturbing the monthly budget.

If you want to feel like a premium running shoe without paying too much, Asics gel contends 7 is ready to fulfil your need.

Best For

Asics Gel content is for neutral runners and those who supinate (heel leaning outwards when running). This pair can be your fitness partner if you are looking for a daily-purpose shoe that fulfills your running and gym needs.

Also, They have a pleasant design and lightweight shoes. If you need to pick a pace at any point, you can do so.

The shoe works best for daily running needs, jogging, cross-training, and similar purposes.

If we judge them price-wise, it’s a deal to steal.

Best running shoe with a wide toe box

It has a wider toe box than other Asics models. Runners with feet issues like hammertoe, bunion, Morton’s neuroma, and a ball of foot pain seek a wider toe box.

Also, it gives us the ability to use custom orthotics for a custom experience. Runners with feet issues felt pleased to use it as it has a wider toe box.

Absorbs all the shocks

These budget running shoes even protect feet from shocks that we get while running.

It has three components working for shock absorption.

The “GEL in the heel area for soft landings”, “durable AMPLIFOAM midsole for comfortable cushioning”, and “OrthoLite sock liner to control moisture “.

Size and fit

Most of the runners had to get a 1/2 size up to meet the custom fit. And, a few get true to size.

The fact is if you wear lighter socks, go standard with your size. But, if you’ll wear thicker socks, go 1/2 size up.

Also, there are two size variations available, including standard and X-wide.

Why we like it
  • Impact protection

  • Comfortable cushioning

  • Glove like fit

Why we don't like it
  • Limited arch support.

7. Saucony Ride 3 – Best for Neutral Runners

Men’s Shoe Women’s Shoe
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Shoe Specification

Size True to size
Drop 8mm
Weight Men: 275g | Women 245g
Best for Neutral Runner
Price $

Key Features

  1. Upper: The single-piece fabric upper is breathable and has suitable durability.
  2. Midsole: PWRRUN foam keeps the ride comfortable and stable without feeling too padded.
  3. Outsole: The outsole has utilized (XT-900) rubber offers what a neutral runner looks for.

Saucony Ride 3 Review

Saucony Ride 3 offers a complete package to neutral runners without shaking their pockets.

It 13 offers features that can compare with premium running shoes. If you want to feel a premium shoe while managing a budget, you can experience it with Saucony Ride 13.

Best For

If you are a daily neutral runner looking for stylish running and cross-training shoes, Saucony ride 13 is more than enough. You are getting more than you pay. And, each feature works in real.

It has ample cushioning and mid-level stability, satisfying a wide range of runners and pleasing many feet.

The ideal utilization for Saucony ride 13 would be daily runs, cross-training, HIIT, and other basic uses. It is capable of handling slow and easy pace and as well as fast pace running.

If you wish to peak your speed at any point, you can do so.

Wide toe box running shoes for foot pain

Runners with foot aches look for a smooth, padded (but not rigid) surface to put their feet on. Saucony ride 13 is pleasantly smooth with gives a calm feel to the aching forefoot.

Ample space in the toe box allows you to relax your toes and not create any toe jamming situation. It is suitable for most foot issues like a bunion, hammertoe, metatarsal pain, and Morton’s neuroma (look at running shoes for Morton’s neuroma). Also, (look at running shoes for metatarsal pain)

8mm heel-to-toe drop, decent arch support, cushioning, and mid-level stability indicate that they are fine shoes with foot pain.

Size and fit

People who want to use custom orthotics might get a half size up. But, other than that, order your natural size to enjoy all the benefits of this model.

Why we like it
  • Open toe box

  • Achilles-friendly heel counter

  • Great traction

Why we don't like it
  • Clunky on sharp turns


8. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 – Most Stable.

Men’s Shoe Women’s Shoe
+More colors +More colors
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Shoe Specification

Size True to size
Drop 12mm
Weight Men 295g | Women 258g
Best for Easy paced running
Price $$

Key features

  1. Upper: It has an engineered mesh wider upper, which hugs the feet well
  2. Midsole: The midsole offers BioMoGo DNA loft cushioning, which stabilizes the shoes and provides a firm ride.
  3. Outsole: The blown rubber outsole protects the midsole and gives the shoe the tank build durability

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Review

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is maximum stability running shoe.

It offers stability with Comfort and cross-checks on each step and prevents the foot from unnecessary movements.

Best For

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is ideal for stable rides. It has neutral arch support and works to correct your running gait.

However, the ideal utilization of brooks GTS 21 would be for easy-paced running like marathon running, recovery runs, or similar usage.

The solid rubber outsole adds a tank build durability and can last for years. It can grip flat or even unbalanced surfaces.

Wide toe box Running Shoes

Adrenaline GTS 21 is stable running shoes with a wide toe box.

Impact protection With Comfort

To midsole is the highlight feature of this model. It offers a combination of BioMoGo and DNA loft foam.

Runners explain the ride experience as a great balance between softness and responsiveness.

However, it requires a break-in period of 30 to 40 miles to give you its natural feel if you are patient enough till a break-in period. Patience rewards.

Size and fit

The shoe went true to size but offered a snug fit. Runners like to have space in their shoes and not feel restricted. The recommendation is to get a half size up for going everything perfectly.

However, It is available in 4 widths, including standard, narrow, wide, and extra-wide.

Why we like it
  • Cozy upper.

  • A long wear life.

  • Roomy toebox

Why we don't like it
  • High drop of 12 mm

How to Buy the Best Running shoes with wide Toe Box (Buying Guide)

The features runner must have in mind before purchasing the best running shoes with a wide toe box.


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