5 Tips for Running in Cold Weather

We all know that running in summer is entirely different from running in winter. Running in summer is quite an interesting experience as the sun shines like a bright star and favors the running activity. But, winter is completely different as it’s darker and colder outside, for your body to move for such activity. But never discourage your running mood in winter.

Some of the steps are required to make your winter run well. Running in cold weather is quite different as you have to think about what to wear to keep yourself warm in cold weather, and how to prepare your body and your lungs to survive in such cold weather. (see also how to breathe while running).

5 tips for running in winter

tips for running in winter

  1. Cover Yourself well.
  2. Stay warm by keeping accessories.
  3. Try to have mid-day runs.
  4. Prepare your body for winter
  5. Stay Hydrated.

1. Cover Yourself Well

Choosing or wearing appropriate clothes in cold winter is the most vital part of running in cold weather. Before going outside think about the layering that is sufficient for you when running in winter.

According to the research done in Beyond running store in Fargo in winter, three layers are enough for running outside.

The first layer should be a synthetic fiber or wool-type material as a base layer. Because it will keep you warm. The second layer should be full sleeves that keep the heat close to your body. And the third layer must be a heavy, waterproof jacket that protects you from wind, rain, and snow.

Outside temperature is always based on the weather and how your body reacts to that temperature varies from body to body.  So when you are getting ready for running then try to dress up according to your personal feel for the weather.

2. Stay Warm by Keeping Accessories With You

Winter season does not only mean covering your upper and lower body but it means covering your head, hands, feet, etc.

For your head, you may keep a hat or a woolen cap with you. Cover your nose with either muffler or a mask to avoid a cool winter breeze while running.

Cover your hand with mittens and gloves to prevent them from getting cold. Wear special shoes or sneakers that work on snow or slippery surfaces.

Keep in mind to carry a handheld water bottle to stay hydrated. But it will get your hand so cold so try to use a waist belt or a hydration vest to keep a water bottle with you. You can also study our previous article about how to carry water bottles and phones while running and choose your favorite one.

3. Try to have Mid-day Runs

Running does not always mean running early in the dark morning or late at the night. But in winter you can prefer a mid-day run if you are free or you have flexible working hours.

But if you have a busy schedule you only get time to run in the dark morning or dark nights then lite up just like a Christmas tree to avoid a mishap.

A reflective vest or light-up belts are available in the market to provide you with reflection in winter dark times as people face difficulty to see you. Try to go to a place where you have a special running area or an area that is not so heavy traffic area.

Make sure to keep a change pair with yourself. Because when you run you will warm up more quickly and when you will stop you will start getting cold. So the very first thing you required is to get rid of that sweaty clothes.

4. Struggle to Prepare Your Body to Run in Winter

It is difficult for a person to prepare mentally and physically to go running especially when it is cold. Set your fitness goals as it is easy to run in winter as compared to harsh summer weather.

Prepare your body before leaving bed in winter According to the research at NYU Langone sports performance center, lunges, and some dynamic stretches are recommended to prepare your body to move up.

Keep yourself motivated by some small warm-up exercises and prefer a running buddy instead of solo running. Your warm-up exercises should be approximately 15 minutes if you will not prepare your body in winter then sooner you will feel muscular strain or cramps.

Try to pamper yourself by giving small treats to stay motivated like deciding to have a favorite healthy snack after a workout, a hot shower bath after running, and so on.

5. Stay Hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated even in winter. People can easily drink enough water in summer due to hot weather but in colder times they do not feel thirsty so they think it is ok not to drink water.

But your body still needs hydration with water. Try to pick a water bottle with you to take small sips after short intervals.

Now, Let’s discuss how healthy it is to run during cold weather. And how you can protect your lunges to get affected.

Benefits of Running in Winter

Running in cold weather is good for your immunity system. Regular exercise makes a person healthy, releases stress, and empowers the immune system.

Every person cant go to the gym for some they can’t afford this activity.  Running outside is more enjoyable as compared to running on a treadmill. It increases your aerobic movement as for an adult 150 minutes of workout is required.

And your couple of runs can aid you to achieve this target. Running gears up your metabolism system and according to research, only two-thirds of us are involved in a physical workout and it gets combined with eating more ultimately, we put extra weight gain.

Involving in any kind of physical activity is a good gesture. According to the Canadian running paper if a person runs at a moderate speed it helps to reduce the cold, cough, and other related infections.

Here, the emphasis is on moderate speed. If you run at normal speed then you are good to go to prevent cough, cold, and other lungs related issues.

Internal Benefits of Running in Winter.

Now, let’s discuss some internal benefits of running in winter.

When the outside temperature drops down to 10C then your blood goes through the process of dilation and contraction.

During dilation, it rushes into your body fast to keep you warm, and ultimately blood circulation increases and you will get a winter glow on your cheeks.

Brown fats are more active fats as compared to white fats. It helps to maintain the body temperature means that they burn faster. When we are exposed to the winter on daily basis then our bodies produce more brown fats to keep our bodies warmer so running outside in winter is help to burn more calories.

Protect your lungs when running in cold weather

Running in winter can damage your health in other ways. If you inhale a cold breath during jog you will get a bronchial infection and the upper respiratory tract come at risk.

Avoid inhaling cold and dry breezes during winter by wearing a mask or a piece of cloth on the front part of your mouth as it cools your respiratory tract mucous membrane and causes a cold and cough. If you are already an asthma patient then you may have difficulty in breathing.

A piece of cloth helps to provide you a warmer or moist air that you can inhale and avoid any health issues.

Is Running in Winter Good for weight loss?

Weight loss is dependent on a lot of factors regardless of the season only. If you are consuming more calories than you burn, no matter in which season you run, you’ll not lose weight.

see more on running and weight loss

Well, experts say that running in colder weather can increase your metabolism, as your body has to work harder to maintain its core temperature. It means you burn more calories just by being in the cold outside? Ever wonder why we eat more in winter? that’s the same reason.

Of course, it’s important to take precautions when running in the winter to avoid injury or illness. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather, stay hydrated, and watch out for slippery or icy surfaces. And remember that sustainable weight loss requires a combination of healthy eating habits and regular exercise – not just one or the other. So make sure you’re taking care of your body in all the ways that matter!

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