What is the Average Price of Running Shoes

When you want to buy something multiple factors are involved. Some things are very easy and interesting to buy and others are not. just take shoes as an example, it seems so easy to buy a good pair of shoes but it takes many hours to get a good and the right pair of sneakers for you. Buying a pair of shoe is not just picking a pair that looks beautiful to you but getting shoes for you that is enough comfortable for running.

Here we will discuss the average price range of good running shoes. We will also discuss whether expensive running shoes justify their prices in terms of services or not and at the end of this article we will come up with good sneakers that are worth buying. Stick with us throughout the article to get most of the information.

The Average Price Of Good Running Shoes

Running shoes are categorized into three simple types

  1. daily trainers
  2. speed trainers
  3. competition shoes.

Average Price of Daily Trainers

The most common feature of daily trainers is comfortable and cushioned shoes. They are used by the trainers to cover the pace with moderate speed. They are good for beginners. An average price of a good daily trainer starts from 100$ and the average rate of a good pair lies at 152$ approximately.

Here let us discuss the famous and good-ranking shoes with their price to get you a clear screen of price rates of top-rated running shoes.

Shoe Model Price US$
Brook Ghost 15 140
Nike Zoom x Invincible 180
Reebok Floatride Energy 3 110
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 140
Hoka one one match 4 130
Asics Gel Cumulus 130
UA over Sonic 3 69
Saucony Ride 14 155
Saucony Hurricane 23 159
Brook Revel 5 100

These are the ideal prices available on different websites and there may be slight differences in the prices from website to website but these are actually provided for you to get an idea of the rate list in 2023.

The average price of training shoes is $130. So we can say that buying a good pair of running shoes for around $130.

Average Price of Speed Trainers

The second category of running shoes is the speed running shoes that are lighter in weight, less cushioned, and less comfortable. They are used only for short distances running. Their main focus is to get you to run fast.

Tempo running and high-intensity running is good with these shoes which means that if you are searching for shoes for a short distance, tempo running, or sprints then you can go with these types of shoes that are cheap as compared to the daily trainers.

Shoe Price in US$
Brook Revel 3 94
Brook Launch 8 100
Hoka one one match 4 130
Asics NovaBlast 3 140
Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 120
Saucony Kinvara 12 173
Ultra Rivera 2 129
On Cloudflow3.0 140
Asics Magic Speed 2 149
Hoka match 5 140

The above-described rates are fetched just to give you an idea of the price range of your favorite pair of running shoes.

Average Price of Competition Running Shoes

These types of shoes are used in races and they are more light in weight with advanced midsole technology that makes these shoes more comfortable. They motivate you to run fast and long distances.

They are a bit expensive type of shoe and have a short life that’s why elite athlete uses shoe rotation for themselves to give them a longer life. As far as my concern stays out of competition shoes until you are planning to run in a race and want to get a good rank in the race.

Shoe Model Price in US$
Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 120
Asics Noosa Tri 14 130
Adidas adiZero Pro 250
Asics Meta Speed Sky 250
Adidas AdiZero Adios 2.0 174

The above-mentioned rates are collected from websites and can slightly vary from prices.

Let’s discuss a good pair of shoes, in my opinion, Brook Ghost 14 is the most comfortable shoe when you are trying to buy shoes as a beginner and these are good for speed, enough comfortable, and durable among the three categories.

Does Buying Expensive Running Shoes Worth It?

Price is the most crucial aspect of shopping as everyone has to buy according to their pocket. Purchasing quality and costly footwear is a tough decision.

If you want to learn about whether costly footwear is worth buying then this article will help you. Now, let’s discuss the two different points of view about whether buying expensive footwear is worth it or not.

One point of view states that an expensive pair of shoes is not always a high-quality shoe. Now the question arises if every costly footwear is not worth buying then do all the famous and renowned brands lie to all of us? And the answer is no, they aren’t, but the price of running shoes doesn’t correlate with their ratings. Prices are offered by the company according to the different aspects but reviews are based on the consumer’s points of view.

Costly shoes are also good and supreme in quality but multiple aspects depend upon purchasing shoes. Costly shoes are not suitable for all circumstances. For example, you can not use your expensive footwear on daily basis. Every High-Cost footwear also does not mean the high speed, impressive performance, and perceived quality of running shoes.

According to research, based on market-based data the more economical the shoe price the higher the satisfaction level of consumers.  Therefore, we can say that if you want to buy running shoes then buy a more affordable pair of shoes.

The other point of view states that an expensive shoe is always a good pair of footwear for you. Pricey shoes are made up of quality material, they are more cushioned and comfortable.

These shoes have a low drop rate and much more. During the collection of my data to sum up the discussion, I would say that the average price of shoes is always near to the customer demand. But keep this in mind that we are not saying that expensive shoes are the poorest quality shoes.

The actual reason behind the low rating of pricey shoes is the level of expectations customers think about the shoes. A buyer who buys a high-cost shoe expects something very different and advanced from a shoe quality and these expectations is mismatched and the consumer faces a low level of satisfaction.

In contrast, inexpensive shoes have low expectations as the buyer spends less money, and shoes can fill the gaps of expectation vs reality and the consumer feels like they are better than expectations. That’s why always prefer to buy running shoes that are close to the average price of shoes. Neither spends too much money that it will not fulfill the satisfaction level nor spend too little based on ratings because cheap shoes have low quality and they will not be useful in the longer run.

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Cheap Vs costly Footwear

There is always a big difference between cheap and expensive shoes not only in price but some other aspects that make them stand out in the market.

Some of the factors are

  • Design
  • Comfort Level
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Fitting
  • Other Features

Let’s elaborate on all of the above factors

  • Design

Design is the most important factor in a shoes low price shoe is not always well-designed footwear. A well-designed shoe enhances your personality and attracts others. Shoe fashions change very frequently. One day a design is in a fashion another day it will become old. But some of the running footwear are those who always remain in trend.

  • Material

Material is also important as the material of the shoe makes it worth buying or not. It is the backbone of your shoes. If shoes are made up of high-quality material then they will last for longer time period. Expensive shoes are breathable and prevent foot problems.

They are very lightweight and don’t make you tired. Low-cost shoes are manufactured with low-quality materials that have low resistance against water and they will be less comfortable.

  • Comfort

Comfortable footwear makes your journey enjoyable. Comfort is another important aspect of shoe buying as high-cost shoes provide comparatively more comfort.

High-quality material makes you feel fresh due to comfortable pair of running footwear. Less comfortable shoes will leave you with pain and may cause injury to your feet. Comfortable shoes will prevent you from feet soreness too.

  • Durability

It is a property that will help your shoes to last for a longer time. For your shoes, You want to stay longer with no damage. This is only possible by using high-quality shoe material. If you buy cheap or less costly shoes they will be good and charming in the short run only.

Costly footwear companies encourage your buying decision by providing you an up to mark footwear so you will not regret it.

  • Fitting

Fitting is another crucial aspect as when a shoe is fitted to your foot it is best for your feet. No matter how costly your shoes are if these shoes are not fitting you well they are not for you. costly footwear with no fitting leads to serious injuries.

  • Interesting features

Another interesting feature is the pride in good quality shoes. A perfect pair of footwear enhances your walk, protects your feet, and provides a delicate journey. Low-cost shoes do not provide some advanced features like some good shoes have sensors that count your steps. Your burnt calories or the distance covered.


In a nutshell, a good quality expensive pair of footwear is worth buying due to its many features. Less pricey shoes comparatively offer low quality that will lead to ultimate dissatisfaction. Expensive footwear makes you cry for one time only later they will save you money. It is also good to buy an average-priced shoe to attain maximum satisfaction level.


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