How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller?

The shoe is the main factor that completes OOTD. However, We like shoes online and we order with excitement. In fact, We all have a fear of receiving the wrong size shoe especially if we are trying a new brand. Well, We all know about exchange them with the right size. But, But! Sometimes due to our busy schedule, we expired the return policy time period. What now? A flexible approach is to make big shoes fit smaller. Have you ever heard? “Necessity is a mother of invention”

According to statisfa, 15% of the US population purchases shoes online once in 6 months. Do you think all of them getting the right size in the first place? If you into online shopping you might know things receive unexpected sometimes.

Nobody will recommend you to walk around in shoes that are not your size. Also, never ever wear the wrong size shoes if it is orthopedic shoes. However, make them fit your size is the solution if you ever come in this state. how to make them fit your size will see below.

8 Simplest Methods Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller.

1. Wear Thicker Socks To make Shoes fit Smaller

If it’s summer in your state, please jump to the second point. We all know it impossible.

Well, Wearing thicker socks can fit shoes. Wear them and make your feet thick. Because the thicker the padding, the more tightly your shoes will fit. If you don’t have thick socks wearing 2-3 light ones can do the same job. But again, If it’s summer there. jump to the second point

This method can only give you success if you live in cold weather.

2. Fill The Empty Spaces to Shorten shoe size

This method is great if you have no time to fuss around to get the shoes to fit you perfectly. All you need to do is to get some cotton balls, newspaper, old rag, or even toilet paper to stick into the empty spaces at the tip of the shoe. This method is best for heels, flats, and boots.

This technique all depends on how hot the day is, how much you sweat and how active you are on your feet. That being said, this technique is superb for mitigating the back-and-forth sliding that comes with wearing too-large shoes.

3. Heel Liners OR Back of Heel Inserts

It is put into the inside back of the heel of your shoes. Found at most drug stores around $5. It shortens the length of the shoes and increases comfort. Heel liner comes in many materials including, fabric material, gel, and special latex-free material

4.  Add Insoles to fit shoes according to your size.

The most recommended way for many people is to use an insole. It is an easy go-to method to make big shoes fit smaller. The insole is a soft pad that works as support and cushioning under your feet.

You can use an insole new from the store or an old pair of shoes, depending on your situation, to add some extra support by filling out some space in your shoe. Many non-branded and branded options exist in so many sizes, materials, colors, and, yes, shapes!

5. Ball of Foot Cushions to shorten the size

You can use a cushion that is specially made for shoes that are just too big for you. Cushions to be placed at the ball of your foot inside the shoes to make them more comfortable and fit. These cushions come in different sizes, colors, and shapes that are perfect for any high heels or ill-fitting flats.

6. Add Elastic Band to make shoes fit smaller

If you have some skill with a thread or needle, you may be able to make some permanent changes to your shoes on your own.

Elastic bands can be sewn into the inner edges of shoes to make them fit more snugly. Just place the band inside the shoe back, but this takes a bit of expertise to get right. You can also fit it on a safety pin. But if you mess up, you’ll end up with holes in your shoes!

7. Water to Shrink Shoes

Certain common materials get reduced in size when they are washed or dry. One solution online that some people have had success with is to put your shoes in a washer and dryer; this can shrink the shoe.

The problem is that even if you follow these recommendations, it will usually ruin your shoe. You can get fancy and try to use specific leather spray methods, put your shoes in a dryer, and let them so, and I wouldn’t recommend this. Do this at your own risk.

8. Go-To cobbler

If none of these ways end up working for you, ask a professional cobbler because a professional cobbler is the only way to have a sure-fire sizing change for your shoes. If you have a high-quality or a high brand shoe, this is probably your best bet.

A shoe professional or cobbler will be able to add custom inserts to your favorite shoes to fit them to your feet better, and their replacements will be permanent, too. However, a cobbler’s services will, predictably, be much more expensive than any of these other options.

After changing the sizes of your favorite shoes, remember that the exterior dimensions remain unchanged. As a result, you should maintain a proper walking posture when wearing these “big” shoes.

Have your head up, chest up, and forward, then have your shoulders slightly pulled back in position with the arms. While walking around, be aware of objects so that you don’t trip over.

It is most likely that your shoes are longer than usual, meaning if you drag your feet, then it becomes easier to catch the objects. All in all, knowing how to make shoes smaller is a handy hack and not such a bad idea, more so if it reduces the chances of injury and increases your comfort.


is it better to buy shoes bigger or smaller?

If you’re looking to buy a pair that’s different from your size, you should always aim for a bigger size. But do note that you should only go for half a size bigger and not more, as otherwise, it could lead to injury.

how much to room in walking shoes?

With pair of shoes, you should try fitting the width of your thumb between the end of the shoe and your toes. If it doesn’t fit, they are too tight, and if there’s too much space, they are too big.

Side effects of wearing the wrong size shoes?

According to verywellhealth, Blisters, Skin irritation or Calluses can be a side effect of wearing the wrong size shoe. Also, A study indicates that wearing the wrong size shoe can decreases the overall quality of life.

Will the water shrinking method work on basketball shoes?

Yes! It can! Basketball shoes are made up of leather and these methods work on leather shoes.

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