Best Running Shoes For Metatarsal Pain (Ball of foot pain)

Look at the best shoes if you are running with Metatarsal Pain (Ball of foot pain)

[Last Updated March-9-2023]

Whether you’re a casual runner or a professional, you’ve likely experienced Metatarsal Pain. It is common in runners, basketball players, or players involved in a sport that includes running and jumping. It is a burning pain that goes to the large bone within the front of your lower leg (tibia)

Metatarsal bone pain occurs in players after regular stress on their feet, increasing the metatarsal area’s inflammation. It usually happens from wearing tight shoes, High heels, High arches, and obesity.

Get a complete guide before running with metatarsalgia

best running shoes for metatarsal pain

8 best running shoes for Metatarsal Pain (Wide foot + arch support)

These shoes have a tick mark on checkboxes that is required when purchasing shoes for metatarsal pain. The features include a wide toe box, 8-10 mm drop, proper cushioning, decent arch support, and good support.

After a week of research, we found eight running shoes for metatarsal pain. After a verdict from the show owner, we have listed these shoes, which them with Metatarsalgia, and noticed a change in pain.

A runner also reviews it after running 50 miles in them, and we describe it in our words.

Some of the shoes might take a few runs for the break-in period, so deciding to return might be quick action. But, if you feel uncomfortable even after a few runs, you can return them and discuss them with your podiatrist. Let’s have a look at the best running shoes for metatarsal pain.

1. Brooks Ghost 13 – Best For Neutral Runners

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Brooks ghost 13 - wide feet running shoes Brooks women Ghost 13 - open toe box shoes
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Brooks ghost 13


The Ghost series is a neutral running shoe that is intended to offer the utmost comfort and support for natural runners.

If can explain ghost 13 in two words it’ll be “natural yet max-cushioned

Best For

The Ghost 13 is ideal for slow-paced easy running as it offers max cushioning. The ideal utilization for this shoe will be easy-pace running which can include half to full marathons, recovery, and tempo runs.

Other than runs, it is a popular shoe for one looking for max comfort for long hours. if you are a nurse or one who needs max comfort for standing 12+/ hours. The cushioning of it can give you support and comfort for it.

Why its best to use with Metatarsal pain?

The Ghost 13 is a certified PDAC A5500 diabetic shoe and has been granted the APMA Seal of Acceptance. The toe box is wider than most other shoes so it’s a reliable choice if you have foot discomfort.

The midsole is a combination of the 2 best foams of brooks which is BioMoGo and DNA. It offers great energy return while offering great support of the same type. You can say a sweet combination of “Firm yet responsive”

There are many reviews for this model that mentioned ghost 13 as a magic relief when running with bunions, plantar facilities, or Morton’s neuroma.

What to Consider

  • The heel counter is less padded compared to previous versions.
  • No heel tab for on and off.
  • attract dirt easily

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Why We Like it

  • More breathable than previous versions
  • A great choice for runners with forefoot pain
  • Cute Colors

Why We Don't Like it

  • Hard to clean

2. Asics GEL-Nimbus 22 – Best Shock Absorbers

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Asics gel nimbus- best shoes for metatarsal pain Best running shoes for metatarsal pain
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Who should use it

Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is a max cushioned, stable with cloud feel comfort that satisfies each runner’s needs. They are meant to cover more miles rather than speedy shoes for sprints.

The ideal utilization would be slow and easy-paced running to cover half to full marathons.

Besides running, wearers have mentioned that they find no back or knee pain after utilizing standing jobs for 8 to 10 hours.

Who Should not Use it

Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is a heavyweight shoe with the needed comfort and stability, ideal for most runners. But, since a high level of padding and cushioning reflect on the shoe’s weight, It’s not meant for fast-paced running.

In that case, look for weight shoes that can help you with speed.

Why good running shoes for metatarsal pain?

The 22nd model of Gel nimbus is meant for absorbing shocks that you get when running. Our feet, legs, and back effect by repetitive foot strikes that can cause an injury in the future.

Asics uses gel cushioning in the heel. The term “GEL” in the name represents a shock-absorbing gel in the outsole. It absorbs the shocks and delivers energy return reliably.

Besides gel cushioning, the midsole offers flyte foam cushioning. These two elements combine to provide superior cushioning and much better protection for your feet. With the addition of a double-layered upper, It secures the foot from heel to toe.

What to Consider:

These are a few factors you need to consider before purchasing it.

  • Not Very Durable: Most runners were disappointed by its durability. One said mine had gone blown out after only 6 months of use. One said it started to wear from the top just after 4 months. Compared to its price-wise they must last more.
  • Pebble stuck: The outsole rubber has deeper flex grooves that stuck pebbles or small stones inside it which is uncomfortable if you run outdoors.

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Why We Like it

  • The right amount of cushioning
  • Great for wide feet.
  • Decent Arch support

Why We Don't Like it

  • Not suitable in rainy season

3. Brooks Glycerin 19 – Best for Multipurpose

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shoes for metatarsal pain Running shoes for Ball of foot pain
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glycerin 19


Brooks glycerin 19 is a medium soft (not peppy) running shoe that offers a complete package for a neutral runner. If you are looking for a single shoe for multiple purposes. your search must stop with Brooks Glycerin 19

Who Should Use it

Anyone looking for a comfortable, plush upper and a durable shoe that stays stable can check glycerin 19. The ride feels balanced, neither super soft nor very firm. But a balance between stability and comfort.

They are not purpose-built shoes intentionally made for a specific runner, but a wide range of runners can utilize them. However, one can utilize it best for slow and easy-paced running, half to full marathons, tempo, and recovery runs.

Why for metatarsal pain?

Brooks Glycerin 19 offers a padded midsole running experience. It offers a smooth ride and feels like wearing metatarsal pads that people get separately.

The shoe has a lot of padding and a supreme level of cushioning that pleased the foot automatically. The toe box is wide and made of stretchable material to stretch more if needed.

The plush upper act like a blanket over the foot and secure the foot, without feeling restricted. Also, available in wide sizes separately for wide footers.

What to Consider.

Most of the wearers seem disappointed when they order an original size. It has a snug fit even after a break-in period. Almost all recommended getting 1/2 size up to get a comfortable fit.

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Why We Like it

  • Wide-feet friendly
  • Soft and stable Ride
  • Durable and grippy

Why We Don't Like it

  • Not for winter seasons

4. Saucony Ride 13 – Best for neutral runners

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Wide toe box shoes
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Saucony rides 13 presents a wonderful gift to neutral runners without shaking their pockets.

It 13 offers features that can compare with a premium model. If you want to feel how a premium shoe feels while managing a budget, you can experience it with Saucony Ride 13.

Who Should Use it

It is difficult to satisfy everyone but ride 13; satisfies a maximum number of daily trainers. The feature it offers is perfect to utilize by neutral and everyday runners.

They are ideal for most basic uses including 5k to 10k runs, Casual Runners, and gym lovers, and as a comfortable shoe for tiring long hours standing jobs.

Who Should NOT Use it

  • If you are looking for maximum stable shoes for fixing overpronation.
  • Looking for a fast shoe for sprinting.

Why for metatarsal pain?

The first thing that people with metatarsal pain look for is a smooth, padded (but not rugged) platform to put their foot on. It naturally feels calm to soothing forefoot condition.

8mm heel-to-toe drop with 32mm heel and 24mm forefoot put no pressure on the forefoot and allow walking in your gait. A runner with foot pain specifically searches for 8 to 10-mm drops.

Other than that, A huge space in the toe box doesn’t create any toe-jamming situation. Besides metatarsal pain, It is suitable for most foot issues like bunion, hammertoe, and metatarsalgia.

Saucony Ride 13 Vs Previous Version:

  • More cushioning
  • Upgraded with a blown rubber outsole
  • The heel collar is now Achilles-friendly and doesn’t run against the heel.

What to Consider

these are the facts you need to have in mind before trying it.

  • Be careful when ordering online. The black color is not black but dark green.
  • It offers average durability and last max 10 to 12 months.

Why We Like it

  • Roomier toe box.
  • Achilles-friendly heel counter
  • Great traction

Why We Don't Like it

  • Clunky on sharp turns

5. New Balance 1080v10 – Best for Distance Running

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The New Balance 1080v10 is a running shoe that is designed to provide cushioning and support for runners. It is the 10th iteration of the 1080 model, which is known for its plush, comfortable ride.

Overall, it’s a popular choice for runners looking for a comfortable, cushioned shoe that is suitable for daily training, and it is suitable for runners with medium to high arches.

Best for

The New Balance 1080v10 is suitable for a wide range of runners but ideal for these types:

Runners who need a lot of cushioning: The 1080v10 has a full-length Fresh Foam X midsole that is designed to provide a soft and pain-free ride.

Runners who are looking for a daily trainer: The 1080v10 is a versatile shoe that is suitable for daily training. If you are a runner who is looking for a shoe that can handle a wide range of distances and surfaces, the 1080v10 may be a good choice for you.

if you stand for long enough: Other than running, It can benefit you if you take 10,000+ steps a day or a job that make you stand for 8-12 hours.

Why good running shoes for metatarsal pain?

There are a few reasons it can be your specific shoes for metatarsal pain (Ball of the foot). Firstly, the toe box is slightly elevated from the ground which takes some weight off the forefoot.

Secondly, A roomy toe box that can stretch more if you have a really wide foot. Also, available in wide and X-wide fits.

Besides that, decent arch support, higher drop, shock absorbers, and a stable ride can make your run comfortable with forefoot pain.

What’s get good

The significant change from 1080v10 to its previous version is the change in the midsole. From Fresh Foam to Fresh Foam X. Now, it’s similar to EVA foam but a bit firmer than that reflecting good bounce even on hard surfaces like concrete.

Also, The midsole cushioning is more focused on the heel area rather than the forefoot. It may feel uneven but offers impact protection when needed the most.

Why We Like it

  • Upper is superb
  • Ortholite insole
  • The toe box is stretchable for a wide foot

Why We Don't Like it

  • large stack height.

6. Asics Gel contend 7 – Best for Daily Runs

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Best running shoes for Ball of foot pain shoes for metatarsal pain
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Asics gel Contend 7 offers a perfect package for runners who want max cushioning and good support without spending a hefty price; under 100 shoes for the ball of foot pain.

Best For

Asics gel Contend 7 is a model for neutral runners and those who supinate (heel leaning outwards when running).

If you want a single shoe that you can utilize for daily running, cross-training, jogging, and cross-fit, Gel contends 7 is one you can trust. And expect a good return on investment.

The ideal utilization would be for a beginner to intermediate, one who started running, and their daily goal is 5k to 10k if we judge them from their price range.

Best daily running shoe with Metatarsal pain

An ample amount of cushioning, great support, foot lock security, and a wide toe box are what runners with metatarsal pain search for. It has all the tick marks without adding the price to the shoes.

Also, contend 7 is open to use with custom orthotics for the desired experience.

Other than that, it has a wider toe box than other Asics models, which Runners with forefoot pain strive for.

What to Consider

  • Most runners had to order a 1/2 size up to meet the custom fit.
  • The upper of this shoe is made of absorbent material which attracts dust and is hard to clean.
  • No heel tab at the back for on and off.

Why We Like it

  • Glove like fit
  • Impact protection
  • Comfortable cushioning

Why We Don't Like it

  • Limited arch support.

7. ASICS Gel-Venture 7 – Best for Trail Running

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Asics Gel-Venture 7 is a popular model from Asics that receives a round of applause from a vast community.

Wearers appreciate its tank build durability, ample cushioning, gripping power, and charged ideal; under 100 shoes for metatarsal pain.

Best for

Gel-Venture 7 is a daily running shoe for short to mid-distance trail runners and hikers.

If you are looking for a basic to intermediated hike and trail running shoe, the feature it offers is ideal for you. If you plan to run 5-10 miles, it is a must-try model that doesn’t shake pockets.

The outsole is the most concerning thing when looking for trail running shoes. It offers a multi-directional V-shaped design which is meant for increasing forward and rear motion grip. And grip gravel paths, forests, sandy rock, and dirt tracks smoothly.

Why for the ball of foot pain?

The gel cushioning and solid bottom absorb the shocks that you get from running on rigid pavement. It is automatically a relief for foot and knee pain.

Decent arch support, a higher drop level, and a solid lockdown help relieve the pressure on the ball of the foot.

Other than that, it has a roomier toe box that allows the foot to move freely. And, it doesn’t create toe-jamming conditions, even with wide feet.

What to Consider

  • The previous ASICS GEL Ventures had the option to use custom orthotics but not possible in this version. The insoles are not removable now.
  • The laces are made of nylon material which is hard to tie tightly.
  • The Max life for this shoe is 10 to 12 months.

Why We Like it

  • Great lockdown and secure fit
  • The great value of money
  • Great traction

Why We Don't Like it

  • Not much breathable

8. New Balance Made in US 990 V5 Sneaker

Men’s Shoe Women’s Shoe
NeNew Balance Men's Made in US 990 V5 Sneakerw Balance Men's Made in US 990 V5 Sneaker New Balance Women's Made in US 990 V5 Sneaker

Shoe Specification

Size True to size
Style Retro
Top Low
Use Running, Jogging

New Balance Made in US 990 V5 Sneaker Review

The trainers represent an answer to be thought of for sturdiness and stability. the first objective of the manufacturer was to ascertain a style that is simple to use and which may be recognized by individuals of all ages. supported a solid rubber outsole, New Balance 990 may be used as a secure design for older people that like to walk for exercise. This pair of shoes is separately good for metatarsal pain

With an uncomplicated design, they’re easy to use and straightforward to suit the legs.

Since the shoes go with a powerful choice of sizes which vary from seven to 16, they will be a wonderful choice for all ages. It represents a style that incorporates a restricted attractiveness as solely a trainer. they’re shoes that can be used for max versatility.

The work is great though it would feel awkward because of the large design. However, the New Balance 990 isn’t made to be lightweight, and this can be why the fit is appropriate for his or her purpose.

With a classic rubber sole that offers smart stability even with lateral movement, New Balance managed to form a shoe that works for many surfaces.

The blown rubber is additionally quite durable, and this implies that you’ll be ready to use them for many seasons as well. However, it’s not the foremost versatile sole as in conjunction with the midsole, it forms a platform that in the main aims to hide multiple sorts of uses.

How to pick the best Running Shoes For metatarsal pain

best running shoes for Metatarsal pain-min

When buying shoes for a ball of foot pain. There are several individual aspects to consider. They can rely on your feet and lifestyle.

However, the necessary feature to look for in shoes for metatarsal pain is additional support and cushioning, particularly for the foot’s arch.

Many shoe stores offer a complimentary skilled work analysis to assist make sure you realize the right shoe for your needs. continuously take your time, strive shoes on, and don’t be afraid to come back with shoes if they’re not working.

Meanwhile, keep these points in mind before investing in shoes for metatarsal pain.

Wider toe box.

Since the aching foot pain is not bearing, one can not wear shoes that are narrow. Look for wide-toe box running shoes. It might not easy to look at the toe box if you are shopping online. Look for wide options.

Brands like New Balance and Brooks especially have wide sizes in most of their running shoes. If you are a female, you can men’s shoes, since they are wider.

Arch Support

To prevent excessive strain and pressure within the wrong places, support is significant in sensible shoes for Metatarsalgia. However, you would like arch support specific to your arch type, whether or not low, high, or neutral.


Cushioning below the ball of the foot provides shock permeableness to stop impact from high-impact activities, inserting strain on the balls of the feet, further as comfort and pain relief.


A low-heel or flat-soled shoe could be a higher choice for Metatarsalgia however ought to still supply some underfoot padding equivalent to an EVA midsole or soft insole.


Q:1 how to stop foot pain when running?

The shoes for metatarsal pain specifically designed for the sport can help prevent many foot pain problems while running.

These shoes have extra padding to cushion the impact of repeated pounding and are constructed to provide support and stability for the arch of the foot. Exercise shoes made for other activities, such as aerobics, tennis, or basketball, may not have these features.

Q:2 How long does the metatarsal pain last?

There is never one size fits all in medical conditions. It depends on each body type, age, type of injury, cause of injury, and furthermore. In general, metatarsal pain takes around six to eight weeks to heal. According to experts, A sportsperson should rest longer than this period. They suggest resting for 12 weeks if your symptoms were flaring up.

After the recovery period add physical exercise gradually. A sudden return to high-intensity exercise may cause a repeat or alternative injury.

Q:3 how to relieve metatarsal pain?

Like other diseases ball of foot pain relieve from proper treatment, proper rest, and diet. In this case, proper foot angle and proper shoes, and massage can help in gaining back the comfort of your leg.

Carrying snug shoes and maintaining a healthy weight will facilitate forestall ball of foot pain. If your metatarsalgia could be a result of physical exercise, let your footrest the maximum amount of potential till the pain subsides.

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