Best Basketball Shoes For Shin Splints

Look at the best basketball shoes if you are playing a basketball game with shin splints or pain in your knees or legs.

[Last Updated On March-9-2023]

Whether you’re a casual player or a professional, you’ve likely experienced shin splints. It is a common disorder among athletes, especially runners, dancers, or ones who overuse shin bones. It is a nagging pain that goes to the large bone within the front of your lower leg (tibia)

How are Basketball Shoes Helpful in Shin Splints?

Shin splints are an overload problem, meaning you’ve likely played too much or overused the shin bone, and muscles attach to it.

Excessive stress-causing muscles to swell and build pressure against the bone, which leads to pain and inflammation.

However, getting the best basketball shoes for shin splints can absorb shocks and deliver significant energy returns. They are well padded from and inside, meant to absorb shocks of repetitive foot strikes for your sudden pauses, sprints, and jumps.

You are probably more at risk if you are a heavyweight player, playing too much, or it’s time to get a new pair.

According to the mayo clinic, a basketball player must get a new player after 250 to 300 games. Furthermore, the advice is to get two pairs and play in alternatively, so the cushioning gets time to a setback in place.

8 Best Basketball Shoes For Shin Splints (Shock Absorbers + Proper Arch Support)

Before proceeding further, it is important to clarify that the right shoes are part of an overall recovery plan with a complete treatment process. Shoe alone rarely fixes medical injuries.

These shoes are meant to absorb shocks better, provide better comfort and stay stable throughout the game.

Till now, we’ve list of the 8 best basketball shoes for shin splints. And, we keep researching and will update the list if we find more.

If you don’t feel comfortable even after a few games, we recommend you stop and consult with a podiatrist or someone who knows your medical history. Let’s look at the best basketball shoes for shin splints.

1. Adidas Dame 5 – Best for Point Guards

Addidas Dame 5 basketball shoes

Shoe Specification:

Size True to size
Top Mid
Closure Lace-up
Signature Damian Lillard’s
price $

Adidas Dame 5 Basketball Shoe Review

Adidas dame 5 is a signature basketball shoe from dame Lillard. It is not an ordinary shoe, but it can do all the skills that dame Lillard performs in his game.

Out of all other dame Lillard shoes, This one has the best bounce system so far. It is in one package for hoopers and guards.

Before the launch of dame 5, dame 4 has the title of best dame Lillard basketball shoes, but now dame 5 has this title. The dame five has combined features of dame 2,3 and 4.

There is no doubt that its traction works like a champ in clean or dusty courts.

It has a mid-top design, which gives extra support around your ankle. Adidas has utilized knitted sock-like support to minimize slippage.

There is no change to see in the cushioning than in previous models. It offers the same full-length bounce. It makes shoe responsive energy return delivered by its cushioning meet the needs of dame Lillard game style.

To make the shoe stable, it has utilized a Thermo polyurethane panel On both sides. Its designs provide enough support and prevent foot slippage. It keeps the foot in place well.

You might have a bit sizing issue, some say it is true to size, but others say they are long and wide. We’ll advise you to have half size down from your Nike size. Once you have the right size, you are ready to shine.

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Why We Like it

  • Amazing traction and makes you feel secure on the court.
  • The complete webbing covering the inside of the shoe makes it feel premium.
  • Perfect who needs much ankle support

Why We Don't Like it

  • A bit slippery in indoor courts ( A few said)

2. Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe – Best for Shooting Guards

adidas Men's Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe

Shoe Specification

Size A bit wide for normal footers
Top Low
price $
Suitable court indoors, outdoors
Style Casual

Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Review

Addidas marquee boost low is an affordable basketball shoe that protects the shin bone from stress and fatigue. It offers a solid grip on both in-out-door courts. And, due to its classic designs, a player can utilize them as daily sneakers.

The outsole has made of translucent or solid rubber, depending on what color you choose. The multidirectional herringbone traction design grips clean courts well but is slightly slippery on dusty courts.

Addidas marquee boost low is an affordable basketball shoe that protects the shin bone from stress and fatigue.

It offers a solid grip on both in-out-door courts. And, with its classic designs, players can utilize them as daily sneakers.

They are all-rounder shoes and ready to perform for any position; If you want to do a little bit of everything on the court, They are ready to adapt your gameplay.

The outsole has made of translucent or solid rubber, depending on what color you choose. The multidirectional herringbone traction design grips clean courts well but is slightly slippery on dusty courts.

They are ready to provide excellent comfort throughout the game—the inner walls and ankle collar are exceptionally padded, giving a cozy feel and secure fit.

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Why We Like it

  • Breathable mesh upper
  • The more impact, the more energy is returned.
  • Heavily padded

Why We Don't Like it

  • Take some time to break in

3. Nike Men’s LeBron 17 Basketball Shoes – Best for Small Forwards


Shoe Specification:

Size True to size
Top High
Signature Lebron James
Closure Lace-up
Weight 452 grams
Suitable court Indoor
Price $$

Nike Men’s Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes Review

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Nike Lebron 17 is a great impact protector and max-cushioned basketball shoe. It received mixed reviews; one appreciated its max-cushioned, while the other complained of its hefty weight.

Since they are max cushioned, it adds weight to the shoe, which is a plus for heavyweight guys and players with knee pain, but a downside for someone looking for a quick game.

You must consider Nike Lebron 17; if you want the additional cushioning in the shoes to absorb shocks and minimize the stress on your joints.

On the other hand, stay away from this model if you need a real court feel or lighter-weight shoes.

Everyone appreciates the cushioning of this model. A huge Max Air unit in the heel is merged with Zoom in the forefoot to provide a ton of impact protection and bounce.

The muscle cell-like traction pattern stays solid on a clean court no matter what, but on dusty courts, it catches dust, but a wipe blows it all away. Although, it doesn’t require any extra care.

There is no compromise on the material, and the shoe feels cozy and balanced with more padding in the highly impacted areas. There was a good level of bounce with enough space in the toe box.

These bad boys went true to size but order a half size up if you have a wide foot. They are snug at the start, but once the break-in period is over, you’ll experience a custom fit.

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Why We Like it

  • The upper is top-notch, cozy, and balanced.
  • Their cushioning system provides a high level of impact protection.
  • Feel of‘ walking on air

Why We Don't Like it

  • Tad heavy.

4. Nike Air Versitile III – Best for Power Forward

Shoe Specification

Size True to size
Top Mid
traction herringbone pattern
Suitable positions gurards and forwads
Suitable court on and off courts
price  $

The Nike Versatile 3 is an affordable basketball shoe that adapts to your feet and allows you to play in your style.

The lightweight design and air sole cushioning make them secure to play in any position. But if you hold guard and forward positions, the shoe is intended for you.

The air-sole unit with the foam in a midsole offers increased responsiveness and impact protection. It absorbs shocks well, meaning no stress on the joints or shin bone even after a long game.

The mid-top design supports the ankles and makes the shoe overall stable. The study proves the fact that mid-top or high-top shoes provide more ankle stability than low-top shoes.

If you have an unstable ankle or difficulty standing on one of your legs. You can benefit from this model of Nike.

For traction, we are most concerned with basketball shoes. It offers a rubber sole that offers “circular traction,” which helps change direction quickly and make cuts with ease.

Nike Air Versatile 2 vs. 3

There are no changes that seem to see in the cushioning. The traction has an update from herringbone traction to multidirectional traction for better grip.

Both offer a mid-top design for better support, but Flywire cables got an update to a midfoot saddle, which helps secure the foot when making side movements.

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Why We Like it

  • Value for money is amazing
  • Stylish enough to utilize as casual sneakers.
  • Offers all the features that a good player demands

Why We Don't Like it

  • Wish toe box to be wider (A Few said).

5. Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 – Best for Center

Shoe Specification:

Size True to size
Weight 427g
Top Mid
Position At any position
Court indoor, outdoor
Price $$

Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 review

Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 is a solid traction basketball shoe that offers additional cushioning to relieve stress from the joints.

If you are a big guy or experience knee pain after every game, strive for impact-protection shoes.

The feature it offers makes them versatile shoes, allowing you to play a game in your style at any position. But, quick guards find an issue with stiff upper.

The full-length Boost cushioning offers impact protection like no one else with a solid response. It’s a bit firmer (not like stepping on a pillow) which increases response time.

The outsole inspires most players as its traction works like a champ on both in-outdoor courts. Not even a wiping is required on dusty courts. The brain-coral pattern pushed the dust to the sides while playing.

For size and fit, order your real size unless you have a really wide foot. For wide footers, order a half to a full size up for more space in the shoes.

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Why We Like it

  • Cushioning provides great impact protection.
  • Great traction
  • Secure lockdown

Why We Don't Like it

  • upper is bit stiff

6. Adidas Performance Light Em Up 2 Basketball Shoes – Best for Guards


Shoe Specification

Size True to size
Top High
Suitable court Indoor
Closure Lace-up
Weight 390 grams
Price $

Adidas Performance Light Em Up 2 Review

“Adidas light em up 2” is affordable under 100 basketball shoes for shin splints. These high-top shoes are designed to provide comfortable Bounce and impact protection.

An aesthetically pleasant-looking shoe offers more than we are paying, is ready to use straight out of the box, and requires no time to break in. The outsole rubber is intended for indoor courts and can damage if played on outdoor courts.

A well-cushioned shoe that doesn’t add weight to the shoe is a solid plus. The cushioning used in this affordable model absorbs shocks and maintains stability well. However, Some players complain that the midsole is thin. But you can replace it with a thicker one if more cushioning is required.

If we judge them price-wise, It is a deal to steal!

The rubber used on the outsole doesn’t like dust, making them convenient to play on dusty courts. It is a multidirectional herringbone pattern that grips indoor courts and offers excellent traction.

They support the ankle beautifully; firstly, A high-top design means more support for ankles, and secondly, thickly padded, wrapped collars give a great lockdown feel and support the ankle.

The upper is well-ventilated and keeps the foot cozy and dry. Engineered mesh upper is doing a great job and adopts the shape of the foot easily

It went a bit large to neutral size, so order half size down or wear two socks for a snug fit.

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Why We Like it

  • No break-in period is required.
  • Moderate arch support.
  • Great ankle support.

Why We Don't Like it

  • Not enough forefoot cushioning

7. Nike KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes – Best for Shooting Guard

Shoe Specification

Size True to size
Top Mid
Signature Kevin Durant
Suitable court Outdoor
Perfect for hoopers, dunkers
price $$

Nike KD Trey 5 VIII Review

Nike KD trey 5 was the most purchased basketball shoe of 2020. It was just launched around the start of 2020 and gain its popularity by the end of the year.

Players were surprised to see its level of comfort, impact protection, and grip on most of the courts.

It stays solid on in-outdoor courts and barely attracts dust. It’s an entire package for a hooper or dunker. (look at the best basketball shoes for dunking).

Nike has utilized a dual-density foam midsole, which adds comfort and impact protection to the shoes. The stepping experience is either not mushy (stepping on a banana) or not hard (walking on a concrete road). A good balance between comfort and stability.

As far as the traction is concerned, you’ll have no issues whatsoever in gripping different courts. The outsole has utilized solid rubber with a wavy traction pattern. It barely attracts the dust, and wiping is enough to clean them.

The material is somehow a premium one which is unexpected in this price range.

It went true to size with enough room in the toe box. If you are looking for a roomy toe box for metatarsal pain, it deserves a worthwhile try. It feels a bit snug at the start after a break-in period; you’ll experience a custom fit.

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Why We Like it

  • An entry-level shoe can compete with premium models.
  • Help in picking up the pace.
  • Secure lockdown

Why We Don't Like it

  • A few players complain that their foot slides off the footbed when making hard cuts

8. Adidas crazy light boost 2016 – Best for Center

Shoe Specification

Size True to size
Top Low
Suitable court Most of the courts
Perfect for Hoopers
Weight 370g
Price $$

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Review

Adidas crazy light boost is a shoe from 2016, but it’s still in demand! And, players are searching with its name. Let’s see why hoopers don’t want to forget them even after five years.

In the category of under 150 basketball shoes for shin pain, it is a durable model ready to play in-out and out on dusty courts. The traction pattern is quite deep, so dust is not a problem—just a wipe after a few games.

The full-length Boost cushioning is second to none. It’s slightly firmer on the forefoot (for quicker response) and softer on the heel (for more impact protection). The transition from Toe to Heel is seamless.

The outsole offers continental rubber (for non-transparent outsoles), which makes it slightly more durable.

The shoe’s lockdown is excellent but a little snug fit for a regular-width foot. It’s a good kind of snug without any toe jamming.

Materials used for the upper feels premium; they could use just a tad bit more ventilation. I reckon this shoe is one of the best low tops currently out with Harden Vol. 1s.

If you are looking for stability around your ankles, it has utilized TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to provide extra support around heels and a plate to provide support ankles.

All of the features don’t seem to work if you don’t get the right size. It went true to size for most of the wearers, but if you have a narrow or flat foot, order a half size up then.

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Why We Like it

  • Great impact protection
  • Good arch support.
  • Fantastic cushioning without sacrificing court feel or stability

Why We Don't Like it

  • minor heel slip even after break-in

How to Pick The Best Basketball Shoes for Shin Splints

best basketball shoes for shin splints



A basketball shoe’s midsole is wherever the footwear’s artifacts are found. This makes this section one of the foremost essential components of a shoe’s performance. Most midsoles are comprised of assorted foams.

A shoe sole is created of rubber or artificial material and is the purpose of traction for your footwear. once selecting basketball shoes, search for a comparatively flat and wide outsole to supply you with the most balance. For superimposed grip, search for outsoles that feature cloth or polygonal shape patterns, since these are designed to assist secure your feet and stop you from slippy up and down the court.


Nearly all basketball shoes are designed with indoor play in mind. outside courts are less forgiving than indoor hardwood ones. So, if you recognize that you’ll be taking part solely on outdoor surfaces, search for a shoe with thicker, a lot of sturdy outsoles. Also, detain mind that asphalt will eat up your shoe’s tread.


When selecting a brand new combination of basketball shoes, you not solely ought to take into account how they’re made, but additionally how they look.


Athletes have a good type of shoes to decide on. however, before you place your new pair, you would like to work out your shoe size.

Once you’ve got your size, it’s time to select the right shoe. There are many androgynous shoes to choose from, too. For this reason, basketball shoes on our site are displayed in unisex sizes


What causes shin splints in basketball?

Shin splints are associated with Nursing overuse problems. You get rubor from overloading your leg muscles, tendons, or shin bone. Shin splints happen from overuse with an excessive amount of activity or a rise in training. Most often, the activity is a high-impact and repetitive exercise of your lower legs. this is often why runners, dancers, and gymnasts often get shin splints. Common activities that cause shin splints are:

Running, particularly on hills. If you’re a brand-new runner, you are at a bigger risk for shin splints.

Increasing your days of training.

Increasing the intensity of training, or going an extended distance.

Doing exercise that has frequent stops and starts, adore dancing, basketball, or military training.

How do you heal shin splints fast?

Rest, ice, compression, elevation method.  Rest from all activities that cause you pain, swelling, or discomfort. Ice. Place ice packs on your shins for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time. Compression. attempt carrying a calf compression sleeve to assist in cutting back inflammation around your shins.

Can Basketball Shoes be used as running shoes?

In general, Basketball shoes can be used for running but running shoes can not be used for a basketball game. There are multiple reasons behind it. Look here for detailed guidance.

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